Jason Ard talks Perkins trial, rumors with the Livingston Parish News

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard sits down with publisher and editor McHugh David to discuss Dennis and Cynthia Perkins arrest as well as rumors circulating on social media.

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It seems to me that the Sheriff was very sincere in his comments. I have to ask did the reporter go over all the questions asked prior to the interview


Look, when you do an interview as an INDEPENDENT news reporter and ask questions in a manner favorable to the person being interviewed AND you inject your supporting OPNION while asking those questions, your interview looses all credibility. Very disappointed in the LP “NEWS”....


Sheriff Ard, YOU put a rumor out there yourself in this interview about an OCS investigation that you “heard” may have been done and expunged, but you weren’t sure. You can’t have it both ways. Rumors don’t help anyone on either side, but keep in mind, it’s the “keyboard warriors” as you call them/us who got you elected.


Why not say that this complaint was from someone that was running against Jason Ard for sheriff...

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