It’s a joyous time for many who will spend the Yuletide season back in their homes. Many who have returned to their homes this year finished the comeback process only within a couple of months of this Christmas season. 

Those who returned to their homes will use the season to rejoice in the blessings of being able to finally rebuild and repair their homes after the 2016 flood.

It’s a sign that better times have come for many. At the same time, many others aren’t so fortunate.

Thousands of residents across the state who have waited more than two years to receive help through Restore Louisiana remain right where they were two years ago.

The wait continues because of a bureaucratic logjam in Washington, D.C., which has prevented the waiver from taking effect to resolve the Duplication of Benefits bill the House and Senate passed in late September.

Some who were denied the grant because they applied for a Small Business Administration Loan eventually gave up and went other routes to return home, yet others continue to struggle.

The Christmas season is indeed a joyous time, one in which we count our blessings and we celebrate peace on Earth.

For many who await help, a sense of uncertainty looms as to where they will spend their next Christmas. Many of them do not have the financial resources to pull themselves up the way others have.

It’s a beautiful season for many here and a tough one for others.

At the very least, the less fortunate residents deserve our prayers. But in many cases, they need a helping hand, either in the form of gifts or food.

Outreach can brighten one’s day even in the darkest of times. Many residents who returned home this year received help in one way or another during or after the flood.

Now is the time to pay it forward. It is, after all, better to give than to receive.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all, and we hope for better times ahead for those who continue in the recovery process.

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