delmas taylor

Delmas L. Taylor

It’s been said that, if you want to learn about someone - ask their friends.        

If that is indeed the case, you would be hard-pressed to think that the Rev. Delmas Taylor, the former registrar of voters who passed away in 2016, was anything less than an exceptional man.

On Friday, the new assessor’s building in Livingston was dedicated in Delmas’ honor; it’s even named after him. The honor is beyond appropriate because, to hear the late Taylor’s friends tell it, he was worth all the praise, and more.

Father, husband, pastor, brother, and friend received high praise from everyone that spoke of him.

A man of integrity, strength, kindness, and gratitude, Delmas was described as a true pillar of community.

He ran his office fairly; he raised his children as hard as he could; he prayed hard; and he was generous.

Taylor was described as the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back, should you need it. A story was even offered that Delmas would, on occasion, help friends and locals alike with bills and debts if they came up a little short.

With every honor, every story, and every piece of praise came ascension from the audience. Verbal agreement that everyone in the crowd had known the same man, known that his virtues and mannerisms were a true reflection of person within – full of integrity, strength, kindness, and gratitude.

The dedication was on Delmas Taylor’s birthday, to the day, and to name the building after him was a high honor. We need more men like Taylor in our lives today, especially government, so making sure that all see his name when entering the parish’s campus in Livingston is a great start to commemorating, and holding on to, his memory.

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