I noticed on Facebook that Mr. Wascom was asking the people of Watson if they wanted to support a tax that would fund spraying poison on their streets. Mr. Talbert then challenged Mr. Wascom to address spraying poison where he lived if he really thought it was poison. The funny thing was after the challenge all you could hear were crickets. What Mr. Wascom ought to be doing is looking after the residents of District 4 and quit minding everybody else’s business. Mr. Wascom must think a councilman’s job is adding streets to the road list, naming streets, adding stop signs and making presentations. I have tried to think of one progressive thing Mr. Wascom has done in his nearly 3 years and I am still thinking.

I would like to thank those who voted for term limits. Term limits passed by 76% a large margin. NOW it is time to put term limits on the ballot for Parish Sheriff, Assessor, Clerk of Court and Register of Voters. The time is right, the time is now for term limits for these offices. Please put term limits on the ballot for the four elected offices. Thank You!

To all leaders in Livingston parish, we do not want more taxes. I am not a local politician, but even I can tell that the people here are tired of being strapped for money only to be asked to have more of it taken away. Mosquito abatement: no. (Twice since message was not clear the first time.) Drainage: no. School resource officer: no. People are making their voices heard. Are the leaders of this parish listening?

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Term Limits for ALL officials should be a no-brainer, but when the salaries for these positions is SO HIGH, they will fight tooth and nail to keep us from ever voting to term limit their source of power and wealth. Take a look at the salary for the registrar of voters and watch your jaw hit the floor! $90k+/yr to register people to vote and keep a list eligible voters. Also, the registrar of voters is an appointed LIFETIME position with job protection that makes it almost impossible to remove them once they are appointed. It’s baffling to me how we let officials remain in office in perpetuity... Odom and Willie Graves controlled Livingston Parish for decades... Do we want to see that again???

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