My heart goes out the Guzzardo Family in the death of their daughter. I only hope they can find find peace with it if the monster that committed the crime gets a life sentence instead of a death sentence. Justice and revenge are tow different things and I feel that reading the article it is all about revenge for the death of their daughter.

I encourage and urge Layton Ricks, all of the parish government, and the citizens of Livingston Parish, to look up Lost and Found Pets of Livingston Parish, on Facebook. See how many unwanted dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are being dumped on a daily basis. See how many are found and there is only a handful of people that are able to foster or take them in. Layton Ricks mailed out a flyer and touted our wonderful shelter system. I wonder where that might be. Maybe the people finding these unwanted pets should bring them to his house, and to all the other parish leaders. They would be shocked how many end up on their doorstep. Maybe only then will animal shelters be built and animal control officers would be hired.

Colyell Community Water system members PLEASE SET UP A GROUP TEXT MESSAGE TO LET US KNOW WHEN WE ARE UNDER A BOIL ADVISORY. There are people in this community who do not have facebook and we need to know when we are under a boil advisory. WE PAY YOU ENOUGH MONEY TO DO THIS FOR YOUR MEMBERS!

Dunn Road Drag Strip: Lots of people with their family drive down this rural stretch of road . Some use it as a cut through . There are some that just can’t obey the posted speed limit not only is it putting others at risk but yourself as well On April 10th while traveling down Dunn Road a Livingston Sheriff motorcycle was behind me as another car was going the opposite way and yes that Deputy quickly turned around with lights on to pull over the speeder . All I can say if you were in that big of a hurry you should have allowed yourself more time. Thank you Deputy for doing your job during this stop . Keep in mind and you speed you will get caught sooner or later . Note to the parish there are some speed limit signs that need to be brought up to standard as I saw one barely 3.5 ft tall but then again it’s Dunn Road with all of its glory called a road that’s pitiful

As long time subscribers to the Livingston Parish News, we do not like the new magazine format. One advantage to a traditional newspaper is that one person can be reading a section of the paper while someone else reads another. This is not possible with a magazine. The traditional newspaper format is simply easier to read also.

Congratulations to Robin Parrott on her candidacy for state representative. It takes courage to run, and goodness knows Sherman Mack deserves an opponent. However, her liberal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style platform is better suited for the liberal paradise of Detroit or maybe New York City. Not Livingston Parish.

Isn’t it about 2070 French Settlement Baseball It a shame when the baseball coach has no interest in making the program better. In the middle of district he can care less if the boys get to play a game or not. He never puts the team first. It’s like an inconvenience for him to adjust the schedule or make up games. With the small amount of games the players get to play the team can’t afford to miss any games. These players work most of their life to play high school baseball and for him to take the enjoyment away is a shame. He needs to be all in or all out not somewhere in the middle. Exceeding expectations?

Congratulations - or should  I say “best of luck” to the Livingston Parish School Board on your selection of Alan “Joe” Murphy as superintendent. Just a word of advice... Continue to set time limits at each meeting, as Mr. Murphy absolutely LOVES to grandstand/showboat. The Board should create ground rules to avoid monopolization. Advice to Mr. Murphy is to please manage your emotions in public and refrain from literally crying in the media, as good leaders display emotional control. Second, please be honest with the public via the LPPS website. The school system’s actual district accountability score is a B- not an A, as the website states. Also, we continue to await the online publication of personnel lists and changes. Is there a reason to conceal these names from the public? Finally, THANK YOU to the Livingston Parish News for allowing this forum- otherwise, many voices would be blackballed.

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