To the person who made the comment about the drug activity on drakeford and satsuma yea you are right something needs to be done it is horrible in the area and lpso just smiles and waves at them I guess the money is keeping them from the area.

Can Call & Comment please stop posting articles about the smell of the Walker landfill? This is ridiculous to read over and over again about somebody complaining about the smell of a landfill. If you don’t like the smell, move. End of story. It is a waste of time and a waste of newspaper space to keep publishing this nonsense. Some people will not be happy unless they’re miserable, and obviously this guy has nothing to do but complain all the time about the smell of the landfill. If you’re not happy with the smell, move somewhere else and quit complaining.

Convict Harry’s little band of supporters has been, at times, somewhat entertaining when they use this forum to repeatedly, albeit incorrectly, profess his innocence. Mrs. convict Harry even went so far as to finally include her name in one such rant. Can’t blame the illegally driving DWI convict for standing by her man I guess. An unfortunate aspect of the posts by this merry little band is that some uniformed readers may actually believe them. For Mrs. Brignac and her minions facts are simply an inconvenience and a distraction. It is far easier and much more self-serving if you ignore the facts and simply spin a tale making poor convict Harry out to be a victim. Why of course it is the fault of others that he allowed his wife to drive a police vehicle for years despite her having a suspended driver’s license. By all means come up with a “he just made a mistake and used the wrong card” when you are caught being a thief. (Seriously, does anyone out there have a card that requires the mileage of a different vehicle and the same pin number of an assigned fleet card?) If this was truly the case why would you plead guilty? Because you are. You finally got caught and knew that there wasn’t a judge or jury around that would believe the nonsense your wife told the media. Look, convict Harry did ok for a number of years in French Settlement. Unfortunately the last several years saw him take things a little too far. He did it. Ok, so anyone around knows he had some strong and wrong influence, but at the end of the day he is responsible. Not the mayor, aldermen, etc. So Mrs. Brignac, et al, give it a rest. Allow convict Harry to enjoy his new career as a stock boy at Brian’s. Quit trying to defend the indefensible. Quit blaming others for the illegal acts you each committed.

I’d just like to make a comment on Waste Management. I have lived in Walker (less than 1/2 mile from the dump) for 42 years. There never was a problem with the SMELL until it became Waste Management. Once they took over, the smells became so bad that we could not (and still cannot) go outside on most days. Also, to agree with the person asking about the risks of the smells, I recently (in the last 5-10 years) have started having severe allergic reactions to the environment; so much so that I have had to begin allergy shots. I cannot help but think that this HAS to be related to these smells. Livingston Parish Council: SOMETHING has to be done!!

Nightmare on Dunn Road : On April 7th 2019 after the bad weather came through our area water was across the road on Dunn after turning off Lockhart . After Traveling down Dunn water was completely across the road at Creekside Estates very deep there witness several cars turning around in which is a good thing as Turn around don’t drown rules applied . This road with all its patches & yes still potholes is a nuisance to anyone that takes this road . Potholes were reported 2 weeks ago with nothing done . The parish has limited manpower and has a Monday thru Thursday work Schedule but priority is surely not in the safety of motorists that constantly have to drive defensively while traveling this Road . I urge everyone to start calling the parish presidents office and contact your council person in the district to express the ongoing problems such a drainage and road conditions . Yes 20 plus years ago the traffic may have not been bad but now with all the homes that have been built the road has failed time after time Big overweight oilfield trucks beat this road which causes it to crumble and sink in spots . The Big question that remains unanswered by the Parish that they accept ownership of this pending issue .Drive Dunn Road you be the Judge of the deterioration this road has occurred.

I live in French Settlement, in the city limits, and had an issue that I had to end up calling the police. I waited and waited, it was 30 minutes before I called again this was around 7pm, 7:30 they final had a Livingston unit show up. I told the officer my situation and he handled it very well. But then finally a French Settlement unit shows up and was really rude and very unprofessional. I heard the Livingston deputy ask the French Settlement deputy what took him so long, French Settlement deputy responded with an attitude and walked away. My concern is a few things. (1) Why are we depending on Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office to work French Settlements calls when we suppose to have our own police department?

At the town meeting they discussed overtime for French Settlement police department, why? because I hardly see a French Settlement unit. (3) If it takes an hour for them to serve and protect me and my family then maybe we all need to rethink French Settlements police department, someone is not doing their job. (4) If I have to depend on French Settlement police department to help me and the deputy has a ugly attitude or is unprofessional then I don’t want them handling my situation. Police department is suppose to respond quick, serve and protect us, make us feel safe, make us feel comfortable to speak with them, not to worry if they are gonna handle the situation in a unprofessional way. This is sad and I for one don’t feel safe nor protected. SURE DO MISS MR. HARRY.

This is info for the people that lives in Eden PLACE Subdivission.there are about 20 residents,in this area with at least 3 cars,that is not operational,at each mobile home. There is a recycle,or salvage business that wants your old junk cars. All you have to do is bring it to them. You can get money for it and clean up your place,and make this neighborhood,what it should be,a place you can be proud of. Just drive down the road,right next to the bar,you will see it ,its worth your while.

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