Please help to raise the awareness of the denim springs private residence and residencent of the widespread use of illegal communications.

Will someone please explain to me how your livingston parish property taxes are due on December 31st, and the sheriff’s office closes on December 28th at 4:00 thru January 3rd and unable to accept them. If you don’t have a credit or debit card to pay online, not to mention the outrageous fee to use that site, you are pretty much screwed and have to pay Sheriff Ard’s late fee. Wya Livingston Parish, how are we letting this happen? First more taxes that will show up on the ballot again and now late fees for your property taxes when he clearly should be open for the people of the parish when it falls on the calendar this way??? If you have multiple properties, the credit/debit card fee and late fees add up, and at least should be exempt because of the calendar for 2018. Who are the public officials that need to address this and why haven’t they to help the good people in this parish? Come out of the woods and do your job please!

Had the forever sales tax that Sheriff Ard placed on the ballot passed, the millions of dollars collected would have gone into the sheriff department’s coffers, not to the school system. Therefore it was highly unethical, if not illegal, for the school superintendent, school principals, and other employees to campaign for and send promotional material home with our children to promote this tax.

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They get away with this unethical behavior by having a group of “friends” create a pac to send out the campaign support material for them. Read the fine print on the materials you received in the mail. You will see “paid for by friends of support the massive tax blah blah blah”

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