What will it take for politicians to realize that Livingston Parish residents are overtaxed? The comment last week was so correct. Even when we vote a tax down they always bring it back in a low interest election. It should be illegal to put a tax back on the ballot after voters have rejected it!

According to the December 9 Livingston Parish News, the “Benefits waiver remains unsigned,” making it impossible for Restore Louisiana funds to be distributed to people who were flooded out in 2016. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Livingston Parish gave Trump an overwhelming vote of 85%. But how did the Grifter-in-Chief return this support? By not signing the waiver that would allow distribution of homeowner awards through the Restore Louisiana program. At one time, voters in Livingston Parish would have said with friends like this, who needs enemies! This 85% has been completely suckered.

I understand why the Xmas parade was canceled, but why can’t it be rescheduled as a “New Years” parade? There are a bunch of people who spent lots and time and money to be in the parade. To just cancel and not reschedule is really wrong and doesn’t say very much for the Kiwanis and their consideration of the effort put in by the participants.

My name is Bobby Allen Achord and I’m concerned about the safety of our students and teachers at our schools in the parish. Bars can hire armed security guards to protect drunks but we can’t arm willing teachers and staff members. Mass shootings have occurred in nightclubs, military bases, businesses and schools. They certainly appear to be unpredictable. I wonder, legally, whose responsibility it is to protect children while at school. My unlegal opinion is that the schools bear the most responsibility for protecting our children at school. My question is what are they (Livingston parish school board) doing now besides what they have always done? Gunfree zones protect the shooter more than the students and should be abolished. Willing teachers and staff members should be trained and armed. Off duty officers should be paid by the school board to provide a law enforcement presence at every school in our parish.

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Two things on my mind. 1st: I keep hearing about school safety and the taxes should have been passed. Do you know where this much money was going? This was not a temporary tax. Better money management in this Parish and we would have plenty of money. Why can't there be volunteers registered and sitting at the schools with a cell phone to call police immediately? if random shootings happen at military base or police station what do you think one policeman is going to do a a school? Get volunteers that love these kids as much as they claim.
2nd: Cook Road extension. Great idea until you let the nursing home build at the red light right where the road needed to come out without adding another red light on Pete's Highway and causing more traffic problems. Infrastructure planning is a joke. Who planned this? The Three Stooges? This good ole boy network in this parish is out of control and the council sure isn't qualified to make smart decisions on these kinds of projects.

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