Delivery personell and the Post Offices get a bad rap especially this time of year, with all of the mix up going on with the Amazon deliveries, I just want to give a positive shout out to my mail carrier on Cane Market Rd in Walker, she’s always accurate with my deliveries and ends our encounters with “y’all have a nice day now” and I appreciate it.

As reported by this newspaper. Rep. Graves is threatening to sue Hud over the delay in releasing the flood grant money. Please urge him to reconsider this rash move that would only delay disbursement. Another elected official assured me: the law has been passed to end the duplication of benefit issue (it is now a none-issue) HUD is working to interrupt this new law, benefits will be released in March or April. Please ask Rep. Graves to not make it worse by filing a law suit. Enough! We need responsible representation - not a grand stander attention grabber hot-head.

Let me get this straight. The Parish Council employs an assistant to the administrative assistant to the Parish President and yet they all somehow overlooked taking action on a proposed solar field involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes?

Go Bobby ALLEN Accord! Thanks for the comments.

I am not sorry the district 5 and 7 recreation taxes failed. My property tax would have increased $187 dollars. I pay enough taxes now. No more tax increases, no new taxes, I can`t afford them. If I had a job like the Sheriff Jason Ard or the Assessor Jeff Taylor and made over a $100,000.00 a year I could afford higher taxes, but I don`t. Therefore I need every penny I make. Livingston Parish residents pay high taxes, some of the highest in the United States. When our total tax bill is added up we are around the 15th highest taxed county/parish in the United States. We can`t pay anymore please no more taxes enough.

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