Jason Ard says he wants to put officers in schools because he’s concerned about the safety of our children. I’m looking forward to hear him speak out on the rampant, unchecked distracted driving in LP that’s far more likely to kill or injure our children than a mass shooter.
The three most concerning issues in this parish are the smell from the landfill, drainage, and litter. Nothing else is close.
Politicians want more tax on gasoline and diesel, we now pay 38.4 cents a gallon state and federal tax. does anybody know how many gallons of gasoline and diesel are sold daily or yearly ? where is this money going?
Looks to me Chief Brignac has a lot of support. I will always, always support him no matter what. There has been a lot of call and comments on his behalf that I’m sure he appreciates. Haters are gonna hate. Thanks for all those who do support him and those who choose to make good comments on his behalf.
Just want to congratulate the News on the new format for the Thursday edition. At first I was skeptical when I read the projections for the new edition. But I must say I am pleasantly surprised and find the new format to be more favorable than the newspaper style. GREAT JOB!!

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