I am a Livingston Parish parent of a multi-sport athlete child that does not go to Walker High School. While Walker High school now has TWO gymnasiums, we pay for a membership for our child to workout since we don’t even have a weight room at our school, much less a Jumbotron! Our baseball team does not even have a dressing room, so they change clothes in the parking lot at the field. At our school, the parents take off work early to drive our athletes to and from games. We don’t have the luxury of having a bus, but that’s okay! We are not in the Livingston Parish News each and every day like Walker High School athletics either. Again, that’s okay! Our kids have to work just as hard without certain luxuries that Walker High athletes have, but that’s okay too!

There terrible smell in the air around Walker seems to be getting worse. I’m told that it’s coming from the landfill. The citizens that are affected need to get together to see how to get this problem solved. Does anyone know if this process has already been started?

Recently there have been some calls/comments regarding the former chief of police in French Settlement, Harry Brignac. One of these redundantly says he should still be called chief. The more accurate title for Mr. Brignac is of course convicted felon. Or convict for short.

This is in reference to Harry Brignac being charged a whole $50 for what he did. It cost Harry a hell of a lot more than $50 for what he did. He spent 30 years in law enforcement. He spent his time in Vietnam, where you draft-dodging people are running to Canada. He lost his job. He lost his respect. He gave everything he had to that town. He makes one mistake and you want to hang him. You’re probably one of them draft dodgers that went to Canada instead of fighting for your country. I stand with Harry anytime. All over a feud with a female mayor. You sound like a female the way you write that letter.

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To the caller above complaining about Walker High School having “luxuries” that her child’s school doesn’t have. DO SOME RESEARCH before you go spouting off about a topic, which you clearly don’t understand. The ONLY REASON the city of Walker was able to build a new school and a new gymnasium is because WE residents that live in that school district VOTED on a HUGE new property tax that is dedicated to funding the school. This property tax was MASSIVE and it increased my yearly property taxes by almost $200/yr. If I’m not mistaken, I think the tax will continue for a total of 15 years. We PAY for the “luxuries” our kids receive! If you want these same “luxuries” then vote on a tax and PAY UP! Have a good day 👌🏻


Re: The LP parent of an athlete who doesn't attend Walker High. Maybe if your school district would pass a bond issue like the citizens in the Walker School District did several years ago, you and your child would have some of the "luxuries" to which you refer.

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