Four head football coaches in four years at Walker High School is concerning. Our kids deserve better.

I had the pleasure of being at a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. program for the first time in my life. Everything was wonderful and the people made you feel like you belonged there. I can’t say enough about the program itself and the guest speaker. The food was outstanding! But what I’m getting ready to say is very disappointing and actually made me feel a little embarrassed. I heard the talk about the donations that were given. The two biggest stores in Walker gave the littlest. The amounts were $25 and $50!!! There were other donations from stores in the parish that gave 5 to 10 times those amounts. Walker stores you should have been on the top of the list! That community contribute and support your businesses a lot. Shameful! So much for Dr. King’s dream if you ask these two businesses!
I agree with the comment about Dunn Road needing to be resurfaced. Now if we could just get something done about the trash that is in our ditches. First step and solution would be for people to stop littering. It is a real problem, not only on Dunn Road, but all of Livingston Parish. Maybe the parish could install signs indicating a fine would be collected if found littering or one that ask the people to please don’t litter. Have some pride in our parish. Thanks.

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