It’s sad that People just can’t be happy for others. The Executive Director for Livingston Council on Aging wouldn’t give your tax dollars away. Too bad you don’t know what you’re talking about before trying to bad mouth good hearted people. Funding for the vans comes from DOTD. So helping out other non-profits shouldn’t be a problem. The Lady over at the COA is doing all she can for the seniors and this parish so stop trying to bad mouth things you don’t know about, SWEET PEA.

I understand that John Bel Edwards is building up his war chest for the next his election bid .... well, you see, I actually have forgotten how to vote because I have been knocked in the head back and forth trying to secure the Restore Louisiana funds. I'm betting the election will be held on the exact day it is supposed to .... however, I hoping to see the "Restore' monies on sort of some timetable soon. At this rate, it will be a hundred years after our Flood of the Century, we will all be dead, and our children's children will be scratching their heads that politicians still over promise and under-deliver. (Hopefully, the family lesson will be passed down to vote for the other guy!)

Well it seems our Mayor in French Settlement has no one else to pick on and continue to put in the paper, since she got what she wanted! What about the people in French Settlement? What about what they want? It truly shows that you don’t care. We vote for Chief and Mayor. We voted our Chief Brignac in and you chose to get him out. Your lies, and your connection and help of Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office and continuing to place him and his wife in the paper got you what you wanted. Its time to start placing you and your crew in the paper.. That is not what us people in the community wanted for Chief Brignac. Maybe it’s time to re-think you as Mayor. Also need to rethink a couple of your Aldermans. You do realize that a soon to be election is not to far away. It’s time to take our community back over from someone who has illegally used her sources to get rid of someone you didn’t want in there last election. If all the people in French Settlement knew what you did to get Chief Brignac out, I’m pretty sure they would get together and sue you. You appointed a legally blind man and not to mention a man that has no clue of law enforcement and is NOT post certified. Bill Bliss suppose to serve and protect us? No thank you. I choose to go way over his head not to mention yours. You blamed a lot on Chief Brignac and a lot of people are starting to see the light. You (Toni Guitrau), your Chief (Bill Bliss), your Assistant Chief (Lawrence Callendar), and your 2 favorite Aldermans (Theresa Miller),and (Danette Aydell Carrier), should all be assame of yourselves for what y’all did to our one and only Chief (Harry Brignac). I hope you know that God doesn’t like ugly and he surely doesn’t sleep. I pray for you and your little click because nothin can become good of this for y’all. I will see to it that the community knows of your actions. I for one have had enough. Chief Brignac will always be our Chief and no one and anyone will not replace him. It’s time to shut down French Settlement and give it to the Parish. I hope the people read this and get to the bottom of this Mayors action. She must be stopped and we will not accept anymore of her and her crews LIES! MORE TO COME!

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