Recent comments from people defending the Council on Aging donating two vans to a Baton Rouge school perfectly illustrates the arrogance and/or ignorance that has brought about the anti-tax sentiment in this parish.. Do these people seriously not know that Louisiana Public Transportation (DOTD) is funded by tax dollars, including Livingston Parish tax dollars? The hard working middle class is taxed out and we have every right to question how our tax dollars are spent or mismanaged. Was there no entity in Livingston Parish that could have benefited from the use of these two vans? The news release dated January 2, 2019, stated that the Livingston Parish Council on Aging “donates” two vans to a Baton Rouge school. In order to donate an item one must “own” that item.

I read where Governor Edwards bragged about surpluses he created in his first term. I think he meant to say “thank you” to the people of Louisiana who are paying more in sales taxes thanks to his broken promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes. I think he also meant to thank President Trump for the influx of cash the state received after the federal tax cuts thanks to our backwards state constitution. That’s no accomplishment to brag about, here’s to a new Governor this time next year.

Yeah, I would like to know how that New Orleans Saints big football player got arrested for DWI, speeding, and two or three other charges they said, and he ain’t have to play no money to get out of jail. He’s a millionaire, but he ain’t gotta pay no money to get out of jail. Yet a poor man goes to jail for anything, he gotta pay money to get out. I call that kind of special treatment, or I don’t know what you call it, but that ain’t right.

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