My name is Bobby Allen Achord. The Livingston Parish school board has 6.8 million dollars to build a sports complex yet refuses to spend a couple of million on overtime police officers to act as resource officers in our schools. Also they have made no obvious efforts to harden the perimeter of existing schools. It shows that they were never serious about protecting our students and teachers.

Not that the unnecessary perpetual sales tax has failed, its time for the school board to step up to the plate and take immediate action to protect our children in the schools. The Livingston Parish school board could use some of the millions in their salary fund (the school board has around 3500 employees and probably carries an average vacancy of at least 50 year round thereby producing a surplus in their salary funds) and quickly set up a school resource officer overtime program like the East Baton Rouge parish school board. Quick math 50 officers at 10 hours/day = 500 hours/day x 5day/week = 2500 hours a week x 4 weeks a month = 10,000 hours a month x 9 months/year = 90,000 hours a school year maximum x $30/hr = $2,700,000 total costs. The absolute maximum paid out would be $2,700,000 a year. EBR, using off duty police officers, pays $30/hr. The off duty officers are trained, armed and equipped. There are around 300 deputies and dozens of city officers in this parish, many of whom would appreciate the chance to make some money on their days off. Hopefully the school board is sincere about protecting our children in the schools.

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