How many of my Walker neighbors have been lying awake at night because of the disgusting stench coming from Woodside Landfill. It starts around midnight and lasts for 3 to 4 hours making my family so sick that it’s impossible to sleep. Our home is fairly new and well insulated but the sickening smell permeates the entire home and lingers even after it dissipates outside. I have noticed it lingers in the stores in Walker also. How can Walker officials ignore such a horrible odor covering our town?

Last week a commenter claimed: “After a few months watching a strong Trump administration, it’s clear that Obama will be remembered as America’s first Snow Flake in chief”. Looks like someone had their wires crossed! According to the Urban Dictionary, a Snowflake is “Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Nazi sympathizers, whose immense white sensitivity causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency.” This definition characterizes Donald Trump and his on!

Candidate Trump told us that he is the consummate leader and deal maker, and that he would not need to rely on executive orders to get his legislation passed! This week President Trump will have signed more executive orders in 100 days than 12 previous presidents! Is this clown really capable of telling the truth?

If you own a small business and do not have enough money coming in you have three choices. Borrow money, increase your prices, or make cuts. As far as our state goes, the best thing for all no state employees is to make cuts. It’s time to send a lot of people home and stop the hey good buddy here’s you a job system. We must have leaders who live in realvile.

Republicans celebrated after the Supreme Court ruled against Obamacare blocking federal Medicaid funding to states that didn’t accept Medicaid expansion. Now the Republicans are complaining when the shoe is on the other foot - after a federal judge ruled that Trump’s executive order cannot cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities for not accepting federal immigration enforcement. Yep, typical Republican self-serving double standard - do as I say, not as I do.

Trump’s Tax Plan Will Be Biggest Tax Cut, Largest Tax Reform In History. I’ll bet Karl Marx is turning over in his grave.

It does appear Obama care is far more imbedded into our lives than we wish. If you know history, it’s no surprise. Demacrats have been trying to seize control of our healthcare system for the last one hundred years in an effort to control our lives and keep the power. Anytime a country has succeeded in doing so it has always turned into a communist nation with only a few people at the top succeeding. Of course young people are never taught this in lavatories we call schools.

Someone is jealous of folks who gain success through determination and hard work. “The Obama’s latest decadent escapade was spending time on a huge yacht with the Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Bruce Springsteen. O yeah baby, we got ours!” I’d point out that Tom Hanks and his two siblings were raised by a single dad who was a chef and moved frequently. Oprah is an illegitimate daughter of a 16 year old maid, and Springsteen’s dad was a bus driver. Obama’s white mom was 18 when he was born, and his dad left the next year. Obama and his friends grew up under difficult circumstances, but overcame their challenges with determination and hard work. It would have been easy to make excuses, sleep late, not take advantage of educational opportunities, sit back and complain in jealous negativism. Obama and his friends have contributed millions to charity while your hero Donald Tr ump, the son of a multi-millionaire, does not. Stop whining - work harder.

New GOP bill would punish students or faculty who interfere with free speech. Liberals love free speech. As long as you agree with them. It’s time to stand up and be counted and push back these Marxist.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said on a radio show that she was “troubled” by reports that former President Obama was to speak at a Wall Street health conference, and accept $400,000 for the speech. All these phonies are actors. Liz knows full well that Wall Street has under written the democrat party for many years. The not so amazing part is their average voter hasn’t a clue.

“Once again, the false promise of lowering tax rates to stimulate economic growth is back from the dead. Its underlying philosophy has never worked. It will shift trillions away from projects that would actually create jobs and help our country prepare for the future. Trump’s proposal to cut corporate tax rates will not boost growth or create jobs. In fact, it will discourage corporate investment, as corporations and their shareholders earn even higher profits and pocket more of the cash -- just like they did last time we tried a big corporate tax cut.” Forbes Magazine (4/17)

Imagine how Republicans would have reacted if former President Barack Hussein Obama had a national security advisor and attorney general interacting with Russian operatives … or if Obama refused to release his taxes, concealed the White House visitor logs, or hired his family on to top secret government positions?... What if he had attacked a retailer for dropping his daughter’s product line... Or tried to undermine the independence of the federal judiciary and called the news media an enemy of the of the people…. Or equated the United States’ moral standing with that of Russia’s murderer Vladimir Putin... or claims he can grab women by the youknowwhat because he is famous? There would have been howls of outrage, and multiple investigations, and even calls for impeachment... But it’s a Republican President doing these things - which is just fine with self righteous Republ icans in Congress.

Here is some really good news! I spoke with an employee at Belk who was working at Kohl’s when the flood came. She said Kohl’s paid all of their employees $10,000 each even though they knew their store would not be returning. Later, I spoke with two Belk employees who said Belk continued to pay employees during the months the store was closed. In addition, the employees whose home flooded were each given $10,000. Good new is worth repeating. My heartfelt thanks to Belk and to Kohl’s.

Apple picking robots hit the market. Harvesting Washington state’s vast fruit orchards each year requires thousands of farmworkers, and many of them work illegally in the United States. Those evil apple companies trying to make more money. O well. I guess I would too.

The state wants everyone to be good stewards of the environment. But when you submit a complaint to the parish or state sanitary office that there is a house and mobile home draining their sewer into a 55 gallon drum and a camper trailer draining to the ground, absolutely nothing is done about it. This was reported months ago. And we wonder why people say some of the backwoods comments that they do.

It should be illegal to put a tax proposal back on the ballot after voters have previously rejected it.

I hope that Representatives Pope, Mack, Hodges, Schexnayder, and Erdey know that Livingston Parish voters are watching their votes closely with all of the tax hikes being proposed. Any tax on gasoline is an unfair burden on the residents of this parish as driving is a necessity here. Anyone who votes for a gasoline tax does not want to be re-elected.

Flashback: See the moment in Jan. when Obama said he wouldn’t go to Wall Street post-WH to make money. I guess he had $400,000 reasons to change his mind. Better make it while you can Bro.

A mid-spring snowstorm in Colorado over the weekend postponed a rally that sought to bring attention “climate change” and “global warming,” as well as protest President Donald Trump’s climate policies. Funny, again.

Our Liar-in-Chief told his Harrisburg, Pa. fans last weekend: “I truly believe that the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country’s history.” However, Politifacts - America’s Pulitzer Prize winning truth detector - noted: “In more recent years according to historians, other presidents, including Obama, have accomplished more in their first 100 days than Trump has. We rate Trump’s claim False. “Comrade, you can deceive us. Anyone can―for a time. But not a very long time.” ― Tom Clancy, The Cardinal of the Kremlin “

Sure Trump “Would Be Honored to Meet With Kim Jong Un” .... because he wants to get a hotel and golf course in Pyongyang!

Don’t be hoodwinked! Donald Trump only invited the mass murder Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, to the White House in order to increase business at his “Trump Tower Manila.”

Back in February I made a comment here on the embarrassing shape that A.B. Netterville Field at North Park in Denham Springs was in, field had bare spots, bathrooms were deplorable, bleachers were black (for over a year), wooden boards in the bleachers broken (for over a year). The entire high school season (varsity, junior varsity and freshman) has been played and this past weekend a class 5A playoff series with visitors from North Louisiana. While the huge bare spots present in February seem to have been repaired, the field is still rough looking, still horrible bathrooms, still broken boards and still those black bleachers! Can the News please publish the names of current PARDS board members so that we can voice our displeasure over the condition of this once beautiful baseball stadium?

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