Editor’s Note: In last week’s Call & Comment, a reader asked about reports of holes being drilled in the barrier on Interstate 12 and plans for holes in the section to be built going east to Hammond. Kris Wascom, project engineer with the State Department of Transportation & Development’s office in Hammond, said he was not aware of any plans to do this.

On Dec. 10, 1860, Louisiana Gov. Thomas Overton Moore told the Legislature Louisiana would secede from the Union due to “abolitionism. Mayor Landrieu points to the fact that it was Union soldiers who actually camped out in Lee Circle, adding: “As a matter of Robert E Lee, he never stepped foot in the city of New Orleans….This monument was not put up to revere Robert E Lee, it was put there to represent the cause that he fought for.” Mayor Landrieu also points out that General Lee’s statue is “on the most prominent space” in New Orleans, and put the monument location into perspective: “It would be like putting King George where the Washington Memorial is or Robert E. Lee where Lincoln is. That is what was done in the city of New Orleans, and that’s just wrong.” Yes, the Civil War was fought over slavery. These statues memorialize a failed attempt to keep 4 million African slaves in bondage. I agree with the Mayor, remove these statues from the public square.

I’m shocked that Representative Valarie Hodges was surprised that her fellow Republicans did not support her request to fund the Comite River Diversion Canal Project. She must have forgotten that she is a member of the Party of No (i. e., a Republican).

Also, Rep. Hodges and the 85% of the Livingston Parish voters who supported Trump should be interested to know that he has yet to have in place a director of FEMA. When another flood or hurricane hits Livingston Parish, Hodges should think about all the time she has spent catering to Rev. Gene Mills and the Louisiana Family Forum to promote the right wing agenda of the Israel Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu rather than working to solve the problems of her constituents.

The White House said today that the President Tweety Bird will be busy this week, and will not have time to watch the former Director of the FBI barbecue him in front of Congress. Get ready, here comes the tweets minimizing, rationalizing, and denying his sociopathic behavior.

Does anyone know where the funds from Louisiana Rising Relief Concert, Livingston Rises Grant and Restore Louisiana funds have been distributed that was to help the flood victims of the August 2016 flood. Too often the East side of Livingston Parish is forgotten. Again, this seems to be the norm.

This comment is geared towards the LPSO. I was pulled over by one of your officers (which I now know he is a Detective) and was issued a speeding ticket. This officer was not in a marked unit nor had any type of emblem on his vehicle stating who he was. He did have on a “Sheriff” Vest over his plain clothes. As far as I know, any civilian can purchase these vest over the internet and put lights in that same person’s truck. I am a young female (that happens to conceal carry with a license). When a gentleman gets out of the truck and the first thing you think is “Is he a real officer or an imposter” immediately I get in defense mode. I respect the Police in every aspect but when you are in an unmarked vehicle in a neighborhood in someone’s driveway, may I add, it should raise suspicions whether you’re female or male. This same said officer was also in my neighborhood a few weeks ago WITH a uniformed officer in a LPSO unit. So why all a sudden is there a marked unit with this other Detective pulling people over?

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