When Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Trump’s Attorney General, he was specifically asked about his contact with the Russians...and each time Sessions denied contact. When confronted by a journalist after becoming AG, Sessions changed his story. Sessions was called back to Congress and questioned about his amnesia, including a third instance. Sessions testified that the suggestion of collusion with Russians an “appalling and unstable lie”. That was a creative response from the guy who told America that he is all about law and order but lied more than once to Congress about his contact with Russian officials when asked the first time. It was not surprising that Sessions’ amnesia returned after his scripted introduction when he said he “can’t recall” more times than you can count. Lock him up!

Russian hackers attacked multiple states’ voting software — and Obama knew. Humm. Guess he was to busy playing golf to protect our country.

It is clear that Russia was trying to influence our election in 2016. But I think to blame trump is crazy. In 2016 our president then barrack Husain Obama was suppose to protect our nation from foreign attacks, including cyber. Every agency that was suppose to protect us was controlled by demacrats. I think every demacrat leader including, Obama, and Hillary should be asked how could they have let this happen? I would guess it was because they were not at their post because they were too busy illegally unmasking Americans to change the outcome of our election. It’s sad congress, including republicans are not asking James comey, how could you let this happen. I for one say, geaux trump!

More folks approve of impeaching President Trump than approve of his job performance. Lock him up!

Wow, and the alinskeyites tried to get us concerned about trumps supporters. That’s the alinskey way, accuse others of what you yourself do.

I sure the demacrats will finally quite with all the hate.

Hey! Remember when Obama tried to draw a connection between congressman Steve and David duke? Yeah didn’t the shooter lament about that. Humm. I wonder who’s responsible for Steve getting shot? As far as the fake news will say. 

Trump just revoked an Obama amnesty program for illegal aliens. O that’s just great! Now trumps trying to lower the demacrats votes! The nerve!

To all the elected Republican officials who sit in the NRA’s pocket: Now one of your own has been shot with a semi-automatic rifle with a large magazine. It’s time for you to please get a backbone and outlaw these terrible weapons, which have injured or killed too many innocent Americans.

To the person wanting someone to explain why he should purchase flood insurance, there is no good reason to pay for flood insurance. As soon as the water recedes FEMA will be here to take care of your every need, as long as you don’t have insurance.

This has to do with the Livingston Council on Aging. We are so sick of several Board members (except for Sarah) coming in and telling everyone what to do. You have NO AUTHORITY to do that. We are also sick of the Transportation Coordinator kissing yalls butt!! She runs behind you like a puppy. That is why everyone is about ready to walk out. Jewell and Ann - PLEASE leave us alone or you will be driving these vans yourself. You need to go home and STAY THERE or resign. We are so done.

I think it will be good for the Democratic Party when they loose more seats in the house next year. Their unfair attacks on trump are beginning to bite them in the rear. For me trump wasn’t my first choice but he will be next time. The democrat leaders, fake news and hollyweird are messed up in the head.

“The cause of the depression is traceable directly to the worldwide habit of trying to reap without sowing. Napoleon Hil

As many people know, Waste Management acquired the residential business of Livingston Waste. One of our favorite benefits of LW before the flood was the option to recycle. Any idea why Waste Management doesn’t offer recycling? Is there anything stopping them from doing so besides the commitment? Surely one of the Fortune 500 companies could afford to offer it.

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