The last traces of the setting sun can be seen behind the float that carried Santa in the Walker Christmas Parade on Saturday. The city is conducting a poll on its Facebook social media page, asking residents' preference for a day or night parade.

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WALKER – Day or night?

The City of Walker is asking for residents’ preference for the annual Walker Christmas Parade.

A post on the city’s Facebook social media page asks people to click on their choice: daytime or nighttime.

“We would like some constructive feedback and thoughts on whether a DAY or NIGHT PARADE is preffered (sic),” the post said.

The annual parade was held Saturday at 6 p.m.

The post went up shortly after noon Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, more than 60 comments had been added from people voicing their choice.

Of the people who commented and expressed a choice, the vote was 32-21 for a daytime parade.

The poll will onbe  the Facebook page for five days.

High on the list of reasons given by the daytime backers was safety – poorly lit sections along the parade route meant spectators could not see floats or marchers easily.

“The lights are nice at night but most everything else is hard to see. My son walked with the ROTC and we could barely see him at all because it was so dark,” Marie Ashton said in a post.

A daytime parade was better for smaller children, others said.

Those favoring a night parade mentioned the lights on the floats and vehicles in the parade.

“Love the night parade. You can see all of the floats that are decorated with the lights. In the daytime it is just not the same,” Teresa Roberson Poche posted.

Day or night, some residents enjoyed having a Christmas parade.

“Thank you city of Walker ... great job. I love my little town. I did enjoy night parade,” posted Becky Stanley Singleton.

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