Fire Protection District 4

A boy waves at volunteer firefighter Adam Stanchak, dressed as Santa Claus, of Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 on Saturday, Nov. 24. Fire Protection District 4 is expanding their local offering to include a 'Fire Prevention Bureau' which will be of no extra cost to homeowners, but may reduce home insurance rates.

LIVINGSTON - Another board has given approval for a chance at homeowner's insurance reduction.

James Wascom, Chief of Fire Protection District 4, was surprised to have brief discussion regarding his measure at the parish council Thursday night, but the unanimous approval of the proposed 'Fire Prevention Bureau,' one of several the chief needs to get the project off the ground, had him pleased.

The proposed 'Fire Prevention Bureau' for FPD4, as specified by the fire marshal in RS 40:1563, will cost nothing to homeowners in the district as the program needs but one employee, and the district is giving those responsibilities to a current staff member.

In the statute, the fire marshal designates that its office shall monitor the following:

  1. The construction and maintenance of exits, including fire escapes, exit doors, and emergency lighting
  2. The installation and operation of heating, air conditioning, and ventilating systems
  3. the use of flammable materials for decorative purposes in places of public assembly
  4. The inspection of all structures, except one- and two-family dwellings and movables, for the purpose of reducing or eliminating fire hazards

Section C-2 of the law states that a local governing authority may establish a fire prevention bureau by special ordinance to carry out the duties of the fire marshal, locally. The bureau must be head by the fire chief and at least one other deputy, whom he designates.

The new bureau will earn points toward a system that will translate into potential insurance reductions, should the district's point total be pushed into a new tier. Wascom was unsure if that would happen or not, and said they would not know until their next audit.

FPD4 has 10 fire stations spread throughout Parish Council Districts 2, 3, 5, and 7 which cover Watson, North and South Denham Springs (outside of the city limits), and the Walker area. There is an 11th station on the way, coming to the Satsuma area Wascom announced.

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Question on the new fire station in the Satsuma area, this for our new airport and will it need new crash and foam trucks. Will the station be on airport property

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