Michael Holzheuser

Michael Holzheuser

MAUREPAS – Troopers from Louisiana State Police Troop A arrested a Denham Springs man Feb. 24 for interfering with a law enforcement investigation and obstructing first responders. 

Michael R. Holzheuser Jr., 45, was arrested after he drove into an active crash scene and intentionally blocked first responder vehicles, preventing them from safely investigating the scene.

The investigation began shortly after 7:30 pm on Feb. 22, when Troopers were notified of a four-vehicle crash, which also involved several livestock animals, on LA 22 west of LA 1039 in Livingston Parish.

When Troopers arrived on scene, the roadway was shut down as a result of the crash and injured animals in the roadway. While Troopers and other first responders were working to open the roadway, Holzheuser entered the crash scene and began shouting directions and cursing at first responders.

Troopers instructed Holzheuser to exit the crash scene and return to his vehicle. Holzheuser then drove his vehicle through the scene along the shoulder of the roadway, and parked it on a private driveway blocking in several emergency vehicles.

Troopers stated to Holzheuser that he would need to move his vehicle or it would be towed. As Troopers turned their attention back to the crash investigation, Holzheuser left the scene on foot leaving his vehicle blocking several emergency vehicles. Upon completing the crash investigation, Troopers towed Holzheuser’s vehicle from the scene.

On Feb. 24,  shortly before 5:30 p.m., troopers located and arrested Holzheuser. He was booked into the Livingston Parish Jail on the following charges:

--Interfering with a law enforcement program.

--Obstructing a firefighter.

--Disturbing the peace.

--Interfering with a law enforcement investigation.

--Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places.

--Passing on a shoulder.

--Disobeying police officers, signs and signals. 

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What STINKS of retaliatory charges here is the fact that “troopers told him to move his vehicle or it would be towed”, which basically means that had he left in his vehicle right then, he wouldn’t have been charged at all. Instead, he chose to leave the scene as instructed, but he left his vehicle behind. I can understand a couple of the charges, but it seems that they decided to show him who the BOSS really is and looked up every single possible charge they could throw at him in retaliation for not obeying. I wasn’t there and maybe he was being an asshole, but they were ok enough with his actions and behavior up to that point on scene that they were willing to let him leave so this just stinks of “putting someone in their place”...

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