HOLDEN – The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office today seized the property occupied by John Schneider Studios.

The property, owned by actor/singer John Schneider, will go up for auction at a sheriff’s sale Jan. 16. 

The case was listed as “First Guaranty Bank vs. Johnenelly Inc. & John R. Schneider.” The seizure and sale were issued in 21st Judicial Court Nov. 5, according to court records. 

Johnenelly Inc. purchased the property in February 2014, records show. 

No details were available on what he paid for the property or what he owed. Sources say the property is worth over $200,000, Steele said.

“We’re simply acting as the collection agency,” said Lori Steele, spokeswoman for the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office. “The money will go to the bank.”

The property includes a 52.778-acre tract and a 5.758-acre tract. The sale include the home, sound stages, office and cars on the site.

Terms of the sale are "for cash to the last and highest bidder, with benefit of appraisement and according to law," according to the document.

The property sustained damage during the floods of March and August 2016. He was involved in an alimony dispute with his estranged wife Elly Schneider last year.

Schneider bought the property after a 2012 visit to the area for a reunion of cast members from “The Dukes of Hazard,” his biggest claim to fame.

He performed as “Bo Duke” on the popular CBS series from 1979-85, and most recently appeared on "Dancing with the Stars."

Schneider used the land in Holden for a film and recording studio. He held a Christmas festival in December, and hosted other events on the site over the last five years.

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How can a property that includes a 52.778-acre tract and a 5.758-acre tract, a home, sound stages, office and cars on the site be worth only +/- $200.000?

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