WALKER – Serving more clients and expanding services are the plans for the new Livingston Activity Center building, its director said.

A groundbreaking for the building is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 17, at the center at 10494 Florida Blvd., Walker.

“We’ve very excited to see our new building coming,” said Linda Watts, center director.

The non-profit center works with adults with disabilities through a day program and vocational program.

“We were in need of additional space,” Watts said. “We hope to add clients, more individuals in both programs and expand our services to more people.”

“We’ve been working on this building for years, since before I was here,” said Watt, who began in 2000.

The center began saving funds in 2009, she said, a “long time of planning and a lot of people working to get the funds.”

Blount Construction will be building the 5,000-square-foot building with a tentative completion date of January 2020, weather permitting, she said.

Two buildings on the tract were torn down to make way for the new building, Watts said.

They were given to the center by the then-Police Jury in the 1980’s. The building the center works in now dates back to the 1960s, she said.

“We’ve done lots of renovations and add-ons,” Watts said.

The woodshop in the back of that building will remain there, while the building will be used for storage.

“Our clients are excited. They watched the demolition of the two buildings, and they know a new building is coming,” Watts said.

Watts said she missed the first building being demolished because she had to drive a route. When she got back, she went to work in her office and missed the second one coming down.

The center recently added a Facebook social media page, Livingston Activity Center, will be posting updates as the construction begins. Other activities and news about the center also will be posted.

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The city of Walker is building a super expensive new city hall on a super duper expensive piece of property in Walker and the Livingston activity center is building a new center as well. Seems as though government pockets are overflowing these days... Where are the tax breaks for us common folk? I personally thought both the current city hall building and the current Livingston activity center building looked perfectly fine.

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