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People pack the Denham Springs City Council meeting room at City Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 7. The two main items on the agenda were the swearing in of the mayor and council members for their four-year terms and a public hearing on an amendment to the zoning ordinance.

DENHAM SPRINGS – A packed room stayed in place at the Denham Springs Council City meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8 after its swearing-in ceremonies, waiting for a public hearing on a rezoning request.

The audience did not have to wait long as the City Council, with almost no discussion, denied the request.

A public hearing was held on an ordinance requested by 112 LaSalle LLC to amend Section 1.02 of Article One of the Denham Springs Zoning Commission Ordinance of 1990.

The amendment would have added Paragraph 181 to rezone from R-1 Residential to C-1 Commercial a lot bounded by LaSalle Street, Wanda Avenue and Hazelnut Street, off South Range Avenue, to create a parking lot for a business.

No one stepped forward to speak for the ordinance when Mayor Gerard Landry invited them and only two people spoke against the ordinance.

The council voted 5-0 to reject the ordinance.

Building official Rick Foster told the council that the Planning & Zoning Commission had recommended rejecting the request since the lot is surrounded by residential property.

This is the third request for a zoning ordinance amendment, he said; the council rejected the first request and the second request was withdrawn before it reached the council.

Even when a zoning request is denied, it can be brought back up again after six months.

In other business, the council also declared two ice machines as surplus, which allows them to be sold.

Neither is working and the cost of repairs would be more than replacements, Landry said.

The following departments submitted reports:

--Police Department. The 2018 totals show the department made 970 arrests, issued 7,583 citations, investigated 1,252 accidents and wrote 7,252 reports.

--Fire Department. In December, the department responded to 75 calls for rescue or emergency medical services, 14 service calls, 15 calls that were canceled enroute, 5 hazardous conditions, 1 fire and 1 overpressure rupture, explosion or overheating.

--Office of Planning & Development. A total of 12 commercial constructions were underway and seven new businesses were listed.

--Animal Control. In November, 31 dog and 18 cats were taken in while 22 dogs and 32 cats were adopted. A total of 59 dogs and 67 cats remain with the shelter.

Spay/neuter services brought in $2,280, adoptions took in $658, donations brought in $824 and rabies shots took in $12.


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