GONZALES -- Dakota Theriot, the 21-year-old Gonzales man who confessed to three murders in Livingston Parish and two in Ascension Parish, arrived in Louisiana last night, 12 hours after he waived extradition during a hearing in Virginia.

Deputies from Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office arrived with Theriot around 8:30 p.m. They whisked him past an iron gate, through a passageway and into a detective's office for processing and questioning. Detectives boarded a non-commercial flight to Virginia to take Theriot into custody for the return to Louisiana.

Theriot held his head down and remained silent amid questions from reporters along the 20-second walk between the gate and the entrance of the building.

He will be charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the slaying of his parents, Keith and Elizabeth Trahan, both 50, in Gonzales.  Theriot was scheduled for transport to Livingston Parish, where he would undergo the same process. He will remain in custody "for a while," Webre said. 

"The process is still unfolding," he said. "There's a lot of work left to be done on this case, and we're both in constant contact with our district attorneys (Scott M. Perrilloux, District 21 in Livingston Parish, and Ricky L. Babin, of District 21 for Ascension Parish.) 

Authorities will bring Theriot back to Acsension Parish Courthouse Annex in Gonzales for a bond hearing, perhaps next week, Webre said in a brief conference with reporters moments before Theriot's arrival.

The three charges in Livingston Parish stem from the murders of Billy Ernest, 43, along with his daughter Summer, 20, and his son Tanner, 17, in a mobile home off Courtney Road near Walker. Theriot lived with the Ernest family for several weeks after his parents asked him to leave their home. 

He reportedly stole Billy Ernest's 2004 Dodge pickup for the drive to Gonazles and the 16-hour trip to rural Virginia.

Theriot was arrested Jan. 27 in Wasaw, Va., a town of 1,300 which serves as the county seat of Richmond, County, a rural area 50 miles west of the Atlantic coast.

Autopsies from all five murders show the victims died from single gunshot wounds to the head. 

Reports during the week indicate that Theriot had been in an abusive relationship with a lady with whom he was married 11 days. According to reports, he had been discharged from the U.S. military.

Friends of the Ernest family have said Summer Ernest was never in a relationship with Theriot, which contradicts an initial report from investigators.

Theriot could face the death penalty on his charges, Perrilloux said on Jan. 29.

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