dereck babcock

Derek Babcock

Derek Babcock has announced he is running for the District 6 seat on the Livingston Parish Council. Below is his statement.

Derek Babcock, 46, an independent business owner and currently elected to the Republican State Central Committee, and the Livingston Parish Executive Committee, has announced his candidacy for the Livingston Parish Council serving District 6. Babcock is not new to the process of public policy. As Vice-Chairman of the Louisiana Family Forum, Babcock has spent the past 15 years working with our state legislature to promote, defend and often write legislation that protects our faith and family values. As a board member and chairman of the Citizens for Highways and Infrastructure in Livingston Parish (CHILP) from 2007 – 2012, Babcock was influential in helping to bring local elected officials, our congressman and DOTD together to get the Juban Road interchange built. CHILP was also influential in other projects such as rebuilding the Buddy Ellis bridge, and the public road petition that forced the council to adopt the current road ordinances for taking in roads in Livingston Parish. “Our money was being wasted and something had to be done”, Babcock said. 

When asked why he is running Babcock said, “I believe our next district 6 councilman must have three things - time to serve, experience that’s meaningful to the job, and proven results that show you can do the job well.”  Babcock went on to say, “There are critical issues that will be coming up this next council cycle and we need a leader. It takes 5 votes to get anything done on this council and if you’re going to lead you need to understand that leadership is influence. Our district deserves a leader who will be more than a vote at a meeting. We need someone who will take time to understand the issues, engage in the process of creating solutions, and then advocate for the right solutions to fix the problems.”

In addition to serving on numerous boards and committees Babcock has volunteered with local organizations and non-profits such as Mighty Mom’s. “That was part of our project for Leadership Livingston and I was proud to lead our team. They had a great program going and we were blessed to be a small part of helping to make it better.” As a longtime resident of Livingston parish Babcock expressed is love for our community, “I care about our parish. I raised my children here, the people are wonderful, and there’s no other place I’d rather be.”

The election will be held this Saturday, October 12th. Babcock says, “I’m ready to serve, I can hit the ground running and I’m asking for your vote.”

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