Fire at Mo-Dad Utilities

A fire at Mo-Dad Utilities raged Saturday and required over seven fire departments to tame.

DENHAM SPRINGS - The smoke could be seen for miles.

Mo-Dad Utilities, located at 9000 Cook Road just outside the city limits of Denham Springs, had a fire catch in their warehouse on Saturday around 1 p.m.

Eventually, the fire engulfed the entire warehouse facility and required over seven fire departments to tame the blaze, including:

  1. District 4
  2. District 5
  3. District 10
  4. District 11
  5. St. George
  6. City of Central
  7. Eastside Fire Department

According to Emergency Manager for the City of Denham Springs Jason Populous, there was another issue that caused problems for firefighters attempting to subdue the catastrophe - Cook Road has no water lines.

Due to the location of the street, which dead-ends outside the city limits, neither the city nor the parish have a water hydrant in that area.

"We hear when Cook Road gets extended, the city will run a water line alongside it," Populous explained, "but right now, there's no water down there."

Therefore, firefighters had to be very careful with their water expenditure in the onset. Pumper trucks from Districts 4 & 5 had to keep the fire in check with small streams until water trucks could retrieve more water from the Denham Springs Fire Department location on Pete's Highway, near the intersection of Rushing Road.

"Thankfully it wasn't far," Populous said.

The trucks would then drive onto the scene of the fire and dump their water into a makeshift 'pond' - which is a 4 foot tall, 10 foot wide tarp-like enclosure that would hold the water so the tankers could pull it out.

Crews eventually brought the fire low in late evening, however water will still need to be applied until the fire is subdued completely.

Populous explained that the scene will be inspected and investigated by the fire marshal before a cause is declared.

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Pour infrastructure planning not to have water or some source of water in this area. However, I do wonder if this will be investigated as to the cause of the fire?


Seems all too convenient that nobody was there and there are no water lines to the property. Let’s see a thorough investigation and a definitive cause determined ASAP.

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