Camp Dinky Springs

Betty Sue, played by Cora Bonewitz, center, holds up a sign welcoming people to Camp Dinky Springs. To the left, Delores, played by A’Mya Heggins, reacts in excitement while Sergeant Palmer, played by Nevaeh Grimes, looks on.

DENHAM SPRINGS -- Where else could you find a hippy camp counselor, a dancing drill sergeant, a neurotic British teen, a kid loaded with camp supplies in his trench coat, a smelly camper, and a constant snoozer?

No place other than Camp Dinky Springs, a place where parents send their oddball kids for a week in the great outdoors.

Denham Springs High School theatre students took audiences on a humorous tour of “Camp Dinky Springs” during four showings of the original play Nov. 8-11 in the Jacket Gym.

Camp Dinky Springs

Flashlights shine on Lauren Price, playing the role of Ms. Marsha, as she freezes in place while wearing camouflage.

“Camp Dinky Springs” was the brainchild of David Peoples, a 2018 DSHS graduate who is majoring in communications at Southeastern Louisiana University, and theatre teacher Donna Van Oss. The play tells the story of a one-sided camp rivalry many years in the making.

Camp Dinky Springs, a camp full of misfits, delinquents and other colorful characters, is always finishing behind Camp Roaring River, made up of your classic overachievers and goody two shoes. The two camps are located across the pond from each other, and every summer, they engage in a five-challenge contest that always ends in victory for Camp Roaring River.

That is, until this year, when the camps’ millionaire owner Mr. Worthington promises the victors a getaway to one of his hotel resorts. Camp Dinky Springs is run by Worthington’s Bohemian son, Ezekiel, while Camp Roaring River is run by his irritable daughter, Tabitha.

Camp Dinky Springs

From left, Ezekiel, played by Dean Diaz, and Phoenix, played by Candace Rickett, meditate before breakfast at Camp Dinky Springs.

There were 56 cast members in the DSHS production along with 13 in the tech crew, all under the direction of Van Oss and Michelle Freneaux Chassaing.

The next major production for the DSHS theatre department will be a sequel to the original play “High School: Another Day, Another Test” this spring.

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