Livingston Parish Honor Band

Members of the high school Livingston Parish Honor Band perform under the direction of Steven Pederson on Saturday, March 17.

Approximately 120 band students from 11 Livingston Parish schools were selected to the District IV middle school and high school honor bands.

Students from nine parishes auditioned for the highly competitive honor band in four different categories: middle school symphonic band, middle school concert band, high school symphonic band and high school concert band.

Of the 171 students chosen for the two middle school bands, 73 came from six Livingston Parish schools (Westside Junior, Juban Parc Junior, North Corbin Junior, Southside Junior, Denham Springs Junior and Live Oak Junior). Westside Junior led all parish middle schools with a combined 30 selections.

In the high school category, five Livingston Parish schools (Walker High, Denham Springs, Live Oak High, Albany High and Denham Springs Freshman High) delivered a combined 47 students to the symphonic and concert honor bands. Walker High led all parish high schools with a combined 24 selections.

All District IV honor band selections will take part in Honor Band Weekend, which will be Jan. 17-19 on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus. Students will rehearse under guest conductors and perform two concerts: the middle school concert, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19, followed by the high school concert at noon that same day.

Both concerts will be held in the Columbia Theatre, located at 220 E. Thomas St. in Hammond.

The following students from Livingston Parish were chosen for the District IV Honor Band:

Middle School Symphonic Band


Ella Price, Juban Parc Junior High

Braelyn Chapman, Southside Junior High

Yuki Yu, Live Oak Junior High

Anna Geautreaux, Westside Junior High

Chloe Ussery, Juban Parc Junior High


Caszandra Dante, Westside Junior High

Abrielle Falcon, Westside Junior High


Ty Courville, Westside Junior High


Abby Falcon, Westside Junior High

S.J. Albert, North Corbin Junior High

Avery Guidry, Westside Junior High

Isabella Lavigne, Westside Junior High

Leah Carter, Juban Parc Junior High

Gabby Bercy, Juban Parc Junior High

Madyson Hanley, Westside Junior High

Grace Tramonte, Westside Junior High

Bass Clarinet

Stephen"Henry" Crawford, Southside Junior High

Michael Reese, Westside Junior High

Savannah Leclercq, Westside Junior High

Contra Clarinet

Tristin Cheek, Juban Parc Junior High

Alto Sax

Cade Alexander, Juban Parc Junior High

Bari Sax

Seth Scardina, Juban Parc Junior High


Emma Cecchini, Juban Parc Junior High

Chandler Sherrod-Gregory, Juban Parc Junior High

Braedon Watson, Westside Junior High

Madeline Joiner, Juban Parc Junior High


Lauren Lott, North Corbin Junior High


Carli Boucher, Denham Springs Junior High

Nicholas Wilcombe, Westside Junior High

Sabrina Luneau, Juban Parc Junior High

David Simon, Juban Parc Junior High


Kahlon Goodman, Juban Parc Junior High


Cade Baker, Juban Parc Junior High

Middle School Concert Band


Alayna Fields, Westside Junior High

Taylor Deville, Live Oak Junior High

Elizabeth Johnson, Juban Parc Junior High

Catherine English, Juban Parc Junior High

Samantha Bridevaux, North Corbin Junior High

Averi Wadenpfuhl, Westside Junior High (alternate)


Isabella Champlin, Westside Junior High

Makayla Chase, North Corbin Junior High (alternate)


Mason Rivere, Westside Junior High


Jolie Joles, Westside Junior High

Caleb Mills, Juban Parc Junior High

David Halphen, Denham Springs Junior High

Alyson Frelich, Juban Parc Junior High

Breanna Montgomery, Westside Junior High

Karissa Englert, Westside Junior High

Kylie Adams, Live Oak Junior High

Bass Clarinet

Benjamin Rodriguez, North Corbin Junior High

Alexia Coenen, Westside Junior High

Alto Sax

Megan Whisenhunt, Juban Parc Junior High

Tenor Sax

Kessley Shields, Juban Parc Junior High (alternate)

Bari Sax

Gavin Hernandez, North Corbin Junior High (alternate)


Michaela Thornton, Live Oak Junior High

Chloe Poissot, North Corbin Junior High

Laura Howard, Juban Parc Junior High

Sam Brocato, Westside Junior High


Broudrick Williams, Southside Junior High

Athena Smith, Westside Junior High

Aaron Graffagnini, Juban Parc Junior High

Kyndall Monroe, Juban Parc Junior High

Lilly Bourque, Denham Springs Junior High (alternate)


Cade Allen, Westside Junior High

John Higginbotham, Westside Junior High

Nicholas Halphen, Denham Springs Junior High

Ethan Falks, Westside Junior High


Madison McCarty, Westside Junior High

Drew Graffagnini, Juban Parc Junior High


Alayna McCoy, Juban Parc Junior High

Marek Hall, Westside Junior High


Jacob Kennedy, Westside Junior High

Anna Long, Westside Junior High (alternate)

High School Symphonic Band


Abby Rossnagel, Walker High

Savannah Cecchini, Denham Springs High


Katie Miranda, Albany High


Victoria Seeger, Denham Springs High

Peyton Berry, Walker High

Austin Shelton, Walker High

Caitlyn Tagert, Walker High

Savannah Koonce, Live Oak High

Alto Sax

Anthony Grant, Walker High


Hayden Lilly, Walker High

Kaylee Hibbard, Walker High


Katie Howard, Denham Springs High


Aron Tapalla, Walker High

Austin Avant, Walker High

Mason McMorris, Walker High


Ryan Aime, Walker High

Logan Yarbrough, Walker High


Wes Price, Denham Springs High

Christian Noto, Walker High

Brendan Copeland, Denham Springs High


Tim Marquess, Denham Springs High

Ethan Barker, Walker High

Ayla Allen, Walker High

Dakota Espinosa, Denham Springs High

Dawson Redd, Denham Springs High

High School Concert Band


Avery Sylvia, Denham Springs Freshman High


Benjamin Eunice, Denham Springs High (alternate)


Karime Rivera, Denham Springs High

Madeline McCauley, Denham Springs High

Kayla Harrison, Denham Springs High

Elizabeth Howard, Denham Springs Freshman High

Mia Sibley, Walker High

Kalyn Smith, Walker High (alternate)

Bass Clarinet

Madison Pultz, Denham Springs High

Gracie Adcock, Denham Springs High

Contra Clarinet

Micah Blount, Walker High (alternate)


Hayden Ruiz, Walker High

Madison Williams, Denham Springs High

Devin Stoker, Walker High


Madeliene Aime, Walker High (alternate)


Jessica Horn, Walker High

Jared McIntosh, Denham Springs High

Samuel Van Oss, Denham Springs High

Sydni Seighman, Walker High (alternate)


Colby Eisenberg, Denham Springs High


Emily Seighman, Walker High

Hunter Bourg, Denham Springs High

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