Is everyone aware that there are still unearthed caskets from the flood in August at the Denham Springs Memorial Cemetery that have not been identified and none have been re-interred? Surely the city of Denham Springs has a list of the headstone names that now no longer have caskets buried there. Why is this list not being made public so that remains can be identified? Currently there is a stack of approximately 18 caskets sitting at the cemetery under a tarp. This is two months after the event and it is disrespectful and downright disgusting that no effort is being publicly made to complete the identification of these caskets and have them returned to their proper place. I would encourage every person with loved ones buried there to go check immediately and if the remains are not there, demand answers from the city as to when this will be addressed.

Behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton sympathized with Goldman Sachs over financial reform. They paid $225,000 an hour for her to speak! Wow! What can she possibly say to make that kind of cheese? Oh, we know, don’t we? Sadly half the country that says they don’t like this kind of cronyism will vote for her regardless.

I saw Michelle Obama on TV today stating that what Donald Trump said or did to/about women had shook her to her core. Really!! Guess she has not listened to her race’s rap music much. Which, since rap and gangster rap music became popular have been music genres for male rappers to continuously degrade women by calling them negative, sexually charged names, and treating them like they are only sexual objects. The rap, gangster rap, genres of music have demonstrated through lyrics, videos and images that women are present for the sheer purpose of man’s enjoyment. Women are demoralized within these two music genres, they are shown to be less than men and lyrics are written to illustrate that women exist for men to leer at, demean and demonstrate power over women; it reinforces the widely viewed ideal that women are the lesser and weaker sex. Michelle Obama I can`t hear you because of the loud degrading of women rap music (!) being played by the black kids next door.

As a white person, I’m offended that Walmart thinks all lives matter bumper stickers are offensive. I’ll be shopping at a more local all lives matter friendly store.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. The United States is not in a downward spiral, unless he is offended by the presence of a black man in the White House. The United States military is the strongest in the world - without a close rival. Even the Wall Street Journal states just two months ago our economy is the envy of the industrialized world. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been left behind in our recovery, and these folks are primarily poorly educated white males. There are enough of these folks to make a powerful movement, but they don’t have the numbers to elect a president.

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