Following a 7.2 percent uptick in 2016, premiums for the Affordable Care Act are expected to soar by an average of 22 percent in 2017, according to information released Monday by President Barack Obama’s administration. Man I’m so glad I don’t have to admit to my kids I voted for Obama and this madness. Sadly We still have to live with. Boy, you talk about elections have consequences.

Polls show Clinton camp worried journalists would notice ‘huge’ gender pay gap at Clinton Foundation. But of course when she gets in there she’s gonna fix that y’all!

About all Hillary has done her whole life is use the American people and our country to make herself rich, rich, rich. It’s time for change folks. Get out and vote Trump.

Newly released FBI investigation files reveal that as many as 1,000 emails between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Patraeus were missing from the batch of 30,000 that Clinton’s team provided to the State Department in Dec. 2014, reports. Oh, they were probably just talking about yoga and the kids and weddings and such. If voters elect this corrupt woman, we get what we deserve.

Wondering like so many who to vote for, I was thinking. On one hand many of Hillary’s supporters are Communist, Hollywood, most rock and roller stars, left wing media, and most non-church goers. Then we have Trump. Most of his supporters are military, police, firefighters, churchgoers, NASCAR, NRA, pro-life. So I guess for me, being a red-blooded God-fearing American, I’ll cast for Trump.

Trump is right! The system is rigged, history is rigged, physics is rigged, science is rigged, the polls are rigged, and the election is rigged. Everything and everybody is rigged, except Donald Trump. The Donald says only he can fix this, and even Melania Trump, his third wife, tells us he will not let us down! If you believe this I have some high dry land in Denham Springs I’ll sell you at a discount.

Donald Trump is complaining the mainstream media are stacked against him. Trump was not complaining about the free mainstream media worth $3 billion in free airtime during the primaries, when he was calling every news and talking head in TV land a half a dozen times a day. Now that a woman is cleaning Trump’s clock, he is crying like a baby. Even 184 newspapers endorsed Hillary, 6 endorsed Gary Johnson, and 5 for Trump. I’m talking about newspapers like the Dallas Morning News that has not endorsed a Democrat since WWll. Pretty sad for the Republicans.

Illegals seeking asylum up 900%, get Social Security, welfare, school loans and they’re ready to take any taxpayer funded programs we have to offer. Hillary and Democrats love it!

Republicans are dragging out the grieving Benghazi mother again, the one who claimed Hillary Clinton said her son was killed because of a video. This is what Al Jazeera News reported on 12 September 2012: “US envoy dies in Benghazi consulate attack. Ambassador and three staff killed during attack in eastern Libya city over film deemed insulting by Muslims.”

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