I always liked watching the late night shows, but lately they all put down on Donald Trump and try to make him look like an idiot. I’m really going to miss those shows.

The reason Bill Clinton and other libs are dogging Obamacare is because single payer, a.k.a. government ran health care was the goal in the first place. Now that the Obama voters have allowed the Democratic Party to screw up our best care in the world, private health care system, we will be left with nowhere else to go except socialized medicine. I’m glad I didn’t vote for this evil. Sadly I have got to live with it.

The majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood. According to Pew Family Research, “Thirteen separate nationwide polls show strong favorability for Planned Parenthood and strong opposition to efforts in Congress to defund the organization.” The majority of Americans also agree that the Constitution affords women the right to chose, under certain circumstances.

Are you really surprised that Donald Trump would make vulgar, degrading, and disparaging sexual comments like the ones that surfaced this week? Nothing has changed in Donald Trump’s behavior towards women since he made these statements ten years ago. Why do you think Trump has five children with three different wives? Trump’s last wife was a model for soft-porn magazines and pregnant when they married, and Donald Trump wants to disparage Hillary Clinton? Like Hillary Clinton, Trump’s first wife made derogatory remarks about the Playboy centerfold model who was having a public affair with her husband. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton has ever made degrading sexual comments to men, or anyone else, or had an affair, or filed for bankruptcy a half dozen times while losing billions, or married three times. Vote for the competent candidate for president, vote for the woman.

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The costs of medicine and healthcare need to be regulated in this country. The Affordable Care Act has been hot or miss but is still a jumping off pint to better care in this country. No, everything doesn't need to be free. Basic care such as yearly physicals, pap smears, mammograms, eye tests,flu shots, mental care, those should be free. Breast implants, gastro bypass, viagra, hip replacements, back surgery, cancer treatments, home nursing care, and such should be cost effective. Good health should not be only for the rich. The middle class carries most of the taxes and should be able to get the same health care as the rich, who can afford it, and the poor, who get it for free.

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