The Pulitzer Prize winning truth detector, Politifacts, recently calculated that 3 of 4 claims made by percent of Donald Trump’s claims are mostly false, false, or pants-on-fire false. The corresponding figures for Ted Cruz (66), John Kasich (32), Bernie Sanders (31), and Hillary Clinton (29) being the most truthful.

Scott Innes was with Together downtown Baton Rouge for a free concert for flood victims. In between bands he states that no one needs FEMA, that FEMA can go away. I was appalled by his comments. Scott obviously did not get flooded and EVERYONE I have spoken with has been helped by FEMA and is very much appreciative of what FEMA has done to help all of us. Until he is ready to put his money where his mouth is he should keep his self promoting comments to himself.

On one of Hillary’s TV spots she proclaims to be an advocate for children. She will see they get healthcare and a good education. Speaking out of the side of her mouth, she will give Planned Parenthood more money for women to have more abortions. What is the total now -- 60 million? The definition of abortion is premeditated murder. Dead children need neither healthcare or education. An appropriate line from Star Wars: Who is more foolish? The fool or the fools that follow. Are you a foolish follower of her? God is laughing.

It’s not good when two government agencies do not work together. We have been waiting three weeks to get our permit signed off from the parish. We called and the parish tells us to move forward and rebuild, that they won’t be signing off on the permit. But FEMA tells us we need the permit signed off or get documentation from the parish stating they will not be signing off on the permit. The parish says they have no written documentation to give us. We want to do the right thing and not have it come back an haunt us in the future. Any suggestions on how we should move forward would greatly appreciated. Why issue the permit if they have no intention on signing it off. We really want to be home.

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