Now then, can we now get busy making America great again?

It is 12:35 p.m. 11-8-16. Hillary Clinton has won the election. Hillary Clinton is the person Vladimir Putin really and truly wants to win the election. Putin knows that Hillary will continue Obama`s policies. Putin knows that he can manipulate Hillary easier than Trump. Putin knows he can run over other countries and Clinton will do nothing about it, just like Obama. Putin is using reverse psychology, saying he is for Trump, when he is really for Clinton. Remember “Uncle Remus and Br`er Rabbit and the briar-patch”. And we all fell for it, sad. Putin is smiling and licking his lips tonight.

There’s a Mitsubishi Montero Sport on the side of I-12 not far from Ferrara Fire Apparatus that has been there for over a month. It needs to go already!

I notice Fox News folks seem a lot happier than the other networks.

The French Settlement principal has found a more suitable occupation, working with the deceased at a funeral home.

A while back Chris Rock commented that because Obama was our leader it was like he’s our daddy and we need to do what he says. Hey Chris! Who’s your daddy now?

Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America and boy was he not kidding. I just hope Trump is able to erase it all and start putting America first again.

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