Are there any other allergy sufferers out there besides me? Of course there are. All you need to do is drive down the road and see all the mold infested piles still sitting by the roadside. I think it’s a sorry excuse for a Parish President and to go a step further, sorry excuse for Council members that have not pushed this issue and either made the company live up to their contract or fire them and get this trash picked up. I live on the northernmost corner of the parish and it is quite obvious we don’t matter. We haven’t seen ANY ELECTED OFFICIALS since they were elected. Mr. Ricks is too busy hovering around Juban to realize there’s a whole lot more of the parish that he needs to see about. And our new Councilman Shane Mack has also been a no show in our area since he was elected. So I think it’s time we put in a revolving door to ALL elected offices. GET ‘EM IN, GET ‘EM OUT!

Can someone tell me why Chris Dufour is able to live outside the City Limits of Walker and still be able to run for the position of Police Chief? I thought it was required that the Chief of Police had to live inside the City Limits. I am curious as to how this is allowed. Thanks

One of the biggest problems with the Denham Springs High School football program is nepotism. It’s full of who you know instead of what you can do. We should have one of the best teams around but what we have running the show is running off more talent than they keep all because of the buddy system. It’s sad to watch and it won’t change until personnel changes. And hopefully not to another buddy.

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Chris Dufour lives off of Hodges Lane which is inside the city limits. If he did not live in the city limits he would've never been able to qualify to run.

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