It seems Hillary thinks that legalizing illegals is good for America. Maybe because she knows all about doing illegal things. If she gets her way that will only be good for the Democratic party, not America.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump called the most recent woman accusing him of grabbing and kissing her “a porn star.” Trump added, “Oh, I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before.” Donald Trump should know all about “porn stars” because he is married to one.

Some Democrats are already calling for Hillary Clinton to step aside and let Tim Kaine, her vice presidential candidate, carry on for her in the wake of the reopened FBI investigation regarding her use of a private server for official government business and the ongoing investigations into the alleged Clintons’ pay-for-play schemes within the two Clinton foundations. Should she be elected president while involved in these ongoing investigations, and depending on the outcome of the investigations, it is possible Tim Kaine could be the next president of the United States. This possibility should be given careful consideration when voting.

Does anyone know what the plan is for Florida Boulevard? All of the dug and patched sections have made that road worse that it was before the patching. Do they plan to overlay the whole road?

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Why I left the Democratic Party. 1) The outright lies. You can keep your current health plan.2) What they really think about us. Democratic hire from MIT, Jonathon Gruber tactics. Americans are too stupid to understand a=whats good for them. 3) Hiring thugs to distry honesty and voting. Robert Creamer, look this guy up, should really shook you the Democratic Party hires thugs. and lastly: 5) Double standards. Trump gropes ladies and talks about the. Who is Hillary's husband? Didn't he use the Governors Mansion and the Whitehouse for sexcapades? Did Hillary care then?
I don't like being called a stupid person and told lies to and then be expected to care and vote for them.

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