There is no end to what Donald Trump will do to cover up his mountain of lies. He is an absolute threat to freedom and democracy. To borrow a term from his sidekick General Mike Flynn...”Lock him up!”

We have been in Afghanistan for fifteen years, and the heavy lifting has been done by the same 1/2 of one percent of American servicemen and women. President Trump will be sending more troops to Afghanistan now. It is past time to reinstitute the military draft. This time the draft should not allow any deferments. Stand up for America! Contact your congressmen immediately.

The director of the FBI was fired by President Trump because of an investigation that could bring down the presidency.

Obama sure is pushing climate change lately. Reminds me of Al Gore making a cool $100 million from it. Obama might be a lot of things, but when it comes to making loads of cash off of the system and gullible people he’s no dummy. You check him in twenty years, he’ll be worth $100 million when he should be middle class cause he loves for the rich to share.

Former President Barack Obama went to Milan, Italy to talk at the Seeds &Chips Global Food Innovation Summit abou t climate change and its effect on food production. He got paid $3.2 million for the speech. That’s a lot for someone who once famously said “At a certain point, I think you’ve made enough money.” Socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

The day after Trump fired the director of the FBI, Trump was playing patsy with the Russian foreign minister. The FBI, CIA and NSA ar in complete agreement : “Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency.” Impeach the commie.

I have to correct the misinformation callers have made to this forum about Woodside Landfill. I was born in Walker in 1946 and have lived here all my life so I did not build next to the landfill. My home and hundreds more were here before the landfill. The landfill is not 50 years old. It opened in 1986 and the odor was not a nuisance until the infamous 5-4 vote in March 2000 that transferred the parish permit to Waste Management which then got the permit to expand. That resulted in an increase in industrial, out of parish, and out of state waste and now Woodside Landfill is the state’s largest industrial waste landfill and the highest elevation in our parish. It has also led to the sickening stench getting worse and spreading farther every day. The late Robert Ringo pled guilty to accepting a bribe for his vote on the parish council from a “local businessman” with financial interests in the landfill. Interestingly, the businessman was never indicted for giving the bribe. The former president of the police jury was also indicted during the federal investigation into the transfer of the parish permit. If one were to research the history of the landfill you would find that the political corruption involved with it stinks as badly as the smell covering our little town.

Cops: DUI Suspect Who Struck A Family Returning From Disneyland Had Been Deported 15 Times. 15 times! Humm. I wonder which administration is responsible for this needless tragedy. Only we in the know.

Baby Deaths Soar In Venezuela Crisis

Deaths of infants under the age of one soared by 30% in 2016. I’ll bet those parents don’t like socialism.

The Walker landfill not only smells as far north as Watson, it also smells as far east to Livingston when the wind is from the west. To the caller who suggested that the people complaining about the smell are people in new homes who built near the landfill, there are 7 schools near the landfill where the students and employees are forced to deal with the sickening odor. Ask them about the smell. Most of these schools were in existence long before the landfill opened. One of them is on the National Register of Historic Places!

It is no surprise that a comment was made about the “Daddy” baseball at Doyle. It is corrupt and just sad to see our small town program be ruined by a coach. All the kids deserve a fair chance not just a certain few. Because of DADDY ball they didn’t advance any further in the playoffs this year. Glad I do not have to witness the mess anymore.

When parish voters approved a sales tax years ago it was stated that the money would be used for roads and drainage. Since then it has become known as the road tax. Some roads have been built and some resurfaced which has only made drainage worse while nothing has been done to improve drainage. Now the Parish Council wants more taxes for drainage but past history tells us that nothing will change.

Uh, helloooo, you need to keep your Doberman dogs secure, and when walking them around the neighborhood, ON A LEASH. But then I wouldn’t expect a blonde with a giant styrofoam daiquiri cup or a guy who looks like he’s about to burst from steroids to understand that. NEXT TIME we see your dogs loose, we’ll notify the chief of police and Animal Control. Grow a couple of brains and don’t endanger your neighbors and their children.

This is for the people who dumped the dogs on Highway 63 south, it is quite apparent you have no heart, neither do the animal shelters. I as well as someone else are feeding the dogs. I called several of the so called animal rescuers asking for help for the abandoned dogs, no one will even return my call, seems to me they are just in it for the money.

THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!! So here is the response to the completely ignorant internet ninja who slammed our Doyle baseball program last week. If you have a problem with the way things are being handled how about you meet with the coach or principal face to face instead of hiding behind your keyboard!

My family attended yet another disappointing DSHS graduation held at SLU this past Sunday. Such a large class and many deserving honor graduates I can understand how mistakes can happen but when the mistake happens to be with your granddaughter you wonder how this could happen to ruin her day. Her goal was to maintain her GPA to become an honor graduate which she achieved so proudly. Yet, DSHS Principal Kelly Jones and Shana Giddens did not include her name. The day that she was so proudly looking for had been ruined. Even though she told Mr. Jones she had been overlooked when she received her diploma, no attempt was made to correct the mistake. As you know, they are on a schedule and it would take just a couple minutes of their time. With that being said, I would like to recognize my granddaughter, Madison Dianne Cresie, summa cum laude, as a DSHS honor graduate. Job well done! We love you, Grammy and PaPa.

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