So it appears if you after you become the president especially if your a liberal, you can give a speech and pretty much command $400k, that’s four hundred thousand one dollar bills, for those who didn’t finish school. Man, no wonder these ego maniacs try so hard to be the pres.

The last eight years would have been worse with another Republican at the helm. The American Enterprise Institute, a nonpartisan public policy research organization, reported last April that if most European countries (including Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium) joined the USA, they would rank among the poorest one-third of the states on a per-capita GDP basis. The UK, France, Japan and New Zealand would rank among America’s very poorest states, below No. 47 West Virginia, and not too far above No. 50 Mississippi. Countries like Italy, S. Korea, Spain, Portugal and Greece would each rank below Mississippi as the poorest states in the country. Even the WSJ reported last June, “The U.S. Economy Is in Great Shape Compared with Its Peers.” Thank goodness for President Obama’s steady hand, while the right wingers tried to keep us in the deep ditch they put us in.

To all of the Facebook narcissists continually posting selfies, stop already. We know what you look like, and you’re not that attractive. And conversing with your spouse via Facebook takes idiocy to a new level. I recently attended a seminar on social media and the theme was a modification of a wise old saying, “Do you want people to think you’re stupid or do you want to get on Facebook and prove that you are?”

Our resident White House history expert, and self proclaimed deal maker, loves those signing ceremonies but comes up short on his campaign promises. What happened to repealing Obamacare, un-funding Planned Parenthood, 6-week paid leave, building that dang wall, suspending muslim visa’s and immigration, stopping TPP, NAFTA, and his promise to label China a currency manipulator? It didn’t happen...neither did he increase the size of the Army, the number of Navy surface ships, adding more fighter aircraft, expanding the Marine Corps to 36 battalions as he huffed and puffed during his redneck revivals? Of course he told us he would sue his accusers of sexual misconduct after the election, but Trump is the one getting sued by one of his accusers - with a court date this month! How sad...pathetic.

I am amazed, but not surprised, by the white politicians of New Orleans suckering Black Folks into supporting the removal of confederate monuments. This is a two fold win for white politicians, but a huge loss for Black Folks. One the white politicians gain political mileage (look what we did), and two they get rid of the distasteful monuments so future generations have no visual proof or leverage of how racist New Orleans was, from the end of the Civil War to present day. An example of why some distasteful things should be preserved are the Nazi Death Camps. The Jews made sure the Death Camps were preserved for future generations to see and remember. Once the visual reminders are gone it is easy to rewrite history for future generations even deny that certain things even happened. These monuments may be distasteful to Black Folks but they should not let white politicians remove blood reminders for future African Americans to see. Sadly it is too late to stop removal of these representatives of this rough period in New Orleans history for Black Folks, but once again Black Folks have been sucker punched and cheated, by white politicians of their hard fought past.

The University of Iowa is now training white – or “white identified” – students and faculty on how their skin color gives them “white privilege.” I had rather sleep on a bed of thorns than to pay money to send my kids to these messed up laboratories.

The United States is home to more immigrants than any other country in the world, a new survey revealed.

According to a report from the Pew Research Center, more than 40 million people currently living the the U.S. were born in another country. In other words, roughly one-fifth of the world’s migrant population call the U.S. home. They must have not heard how bad of a country we have here. I’ll bet they which they had stayed in there’s so they would still have all that freedom they once had, sarc.

It is sad about Alton sterling. Questions were asked, why was he there and why did it happen. I could be wrong but I think the break down of the home and teaching people when a officer tells you to do something simply do what is asked of you and things like this would likely not happen. To many young people’s reaction is to resist authority. Not good. If your pulled over in a car keep your hands on your steering wheel and do what your told. If you teach your kids nothing or worst the opposite it is not good.

Woodside Landfill has always stunk. But what else is a dump supposed to smell like? It’s been there for 50 years. If they were to shut it down, where would your garbage go? I’m not saying this to be mean, but it’s a garbage dump...always has stunk and always will.

DADDY BALL ALIVE AND WELL IN THE DOYLE HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL PROGRAM!!!! Over the course of this year i have sat with many parents at local tournaments and also at Doyle baseball games and i keep hearing the same thing from quite a bit of discouraged parents the one word that all Professional coaches say is destroying baseball “DADDY BALL”!! so i did some talking and listening and discovered that Principal Hodges and Coach Beatty allowed several 8th graders to play on the high school baseball team without even one tryout! everything was kept top secret! and those boys were allowed to play because they were on the basketball team! now that does not seem fair!! but it gets better, there were a couple 8th graders that were given tryouts only after their parents raised H***, BUT, the tryouts were set to be after the team was already selected!! and no the boys did not make the team! GO FIGURE!! now this is sickening that a Principal and A Head coach at the high school level would do something like this especially in our small little town, some parents were ok with this but those were the parents of the kids who were on the team! It Saddens me to know that our home town baseball program is so corrupt and we have these people that is doing this sickening thing teaching your children! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!! as for summer (metro) ball i am sure there is some more under the table work going on by Coach Beatty and Principal Hodges so we will see what we can dig up!!! till next time Please excuse the Grammer. its time we put a STOP to DADDY BALL at DOYLE!!!

We smell the dump even in Watson. We have no choice for now. Some day I which to move and will be very selective where.

The person complaining about the smell from the landfill stated the root of the problem in their letter - their fairly new home. The landfill was here decades before their home was built, and they chose to live next to it, just like the gravel pits in Watson. I am worried my new neighbors are going to complain about my guns, chickens, and hot rods. Even if the landfill, gravel pit, and I move, history shows there will be new subdivisions following after us complaining again. Please move to a place you like and don’t ask old residents to change to suit you.

“The tax code is a monstrosity and there’s only one thing to do with it. Scrap it, kill it, drive a stake through its heart, bury it and hope it never rises again to terrorize the American people.”- Steve Forbes.

Iowa governor signs 20-week abortion ban into law. Thems fightn words for those who hate babies.

mo dad giant rate increase and not a word out of you. im sure your drinking buddies with those turd hustlers

Federal judge orders State Dept. to release Clinton emails showing what Obama knew about Benghazi. Even if Obama is shown to be the sinister smiler that many believe that he is, it won’t matter to his under writers in the media, nor the demacrat base. Also we must remember that Obama sad he had no scandals. So, it’s all good!

Harvard students plan graduation ceremony for blacks only, claim it’s ‘not about segregation’. I think whites should be outraged and sue. Where’s the ACLU when ya need them.

Colorado school suspends Spanish teacher for letting students smash Trump piñata. Sounds like them teaches are traing kids to be violent. Not to worry about teacher though. There’ll probably get promoted.

I believe liberals like jimmy Kimble sincerely wish poor people had good healthcare insurance. I would believe them more if they set up a fund themselves and paid for it instead of the middle class through our higher premiums we can barely afford. Actions speak louder than words.

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