I feel bad for Bryce Edling, his family, and friends, but if we really want to avoid these kinds of tragedies, we need to stop blaming trucks and speed limits for deaths. Was pedestrian texting or some other use of an electronic device involved? Was it a simple matter of not looking both ways? Does this area need a crosswalk? This horrible accident should remind all of us, pedestrians included, that we must be careful.

The Wall Street Journal stated this week that President Trump is a “fake” who “clings to his assertions like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”

President Trump won by promising to provide healthcare for everyone, boost funding for treatment for opioid addiction, and avoid Medicaid cuts. Trump is now lobbying Congress to pass a bill that does none of those things. Instead, millions will lose insurance and Medicaid spending will be sacrificed to provide tax cuts for the rich.

“The judge who always likes the results he reaches is a bad judge.” Justice Antonin Scalia.

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