This is in reference to the article mentioning the pay raise for Livingston Parish Council. I, for one, after thinking about it for a few days feel this should happen if this parish wants to continue to get very good people to represent us. Keep in mind the people elected to this council have to take time from their own jobs and family to serve this parish in the best possible way. Knowing this and also what the other parishes pay their council members, I feel Livingston Parish needs to keep the very good future people running for this council, they should be paid the standards of the other parishes. Livingston Parish is at the top of all parishes’ growth patterns in the state. Why not keep the best people interested in serving the parish? The council that is bringing this up is not looking for the raise for themselves unless they get re-elected in 3 years but for the future. This pay raise doesn’t go into effect until then. Think this through and if we want Livingston Parish to continue to move forward, this makes sense. One last thing, the council is also bringing up that term limits for all members of the council up to the president of the parish, should happen. The conversation is term limits of either 2 or 3 terms for any parish councilman or president. Again, after thinking this over, fresh minds and thoughts will always keep Livingston Parish moving forward. We have seen in the past that career government people can get stale in their thoughts and who suffers through this, the people of the parish. So, my family strongly agrees that term limits of either 2 or 3 terms is a big step in the right direction. Livingston Parish, let’s keep moving forward!!! Raymond Nichols

The previous police chief’s lead narcotic officer was taking drugs from the evidence room. Now we have a new chief and the inmates are taking the drugs from the evidence room!

The fast food restaurant Wendy’s has announced that it will be installing self-service kiosks in over 1,000 locations according to the Associated Press. If you push companies that have money hard enough, “like demanding $15 an hour and free healthcare,” they’ll do what they have to. Oh, well, I guess the laid off employees can get some food stamps and go buy some Wendy’s.

As a cautious voter for Trump, he has surprised me. His policies are as conservative as Obama’s were extreme left. I imagine that’s why wholly weird and the Dems find themselves having to continually attack. The president is jerking the rug right out from under them. Making America great again, one rug at a time.

I wish the homeless people in Dneham Spring would quit using the library as their “home.” These people sit at the computers to waste time, not even looking for a job on multiple websites that are available to them, but instead play video games and watch movies. They trash up the place, leave odors where they sit all day, mess up bathrooms, and so on. It is the same people in the same places. The people that want to use the computers for valid reasons, can’t because they are sitting here all day long wasting time. There are plenty of things these people can do to earn money. Cut grass, wash cars, general clean up. Should there be certain rules to go by to use the library? This is a free service to the citizens of the parish, but not a watering hole for the people who choose to be homeless. There are too many resources out there, you just have to go get them.

A Ten Commandments monument will be removed from in front of a Pennsylvania high school after the atheist mother of a student filed a federal lawsuit in 2012. These will be the first people who blame God if forbid one of the students went bad.

So a black woman who just found out she’s part white says she’s ashamed. Well, white people can’t help it if they’re born all white. Besides, she should be happy. Now she can have affirmative action and white privilege. Heck, if she’s not good at being a woman maybe she can become a man.

It seems everyone attending the Oscars opposes Tump’s travel ban. To me that has to mean we should have one.

In regard to the Oscars, I’ll bet Hillary can relate.

Besides losing my doctor and my heath care premiums skyrocketing, I think another good reason to rid ourselves of Obamacare is because Nancy Pelosi said we would have to pass the bill before we would know what was in it. Also the Dems are always talking about if we get rid of it millions of people will be cut off and yet we know millions of illegals are in our country. Are we to assume they’re not counted in the Dem’s politics?

A true public servant would not accept a paycheck from the taxpayers.

The Democrats always peddle class warfare whether race or economic status. As a thinking person, one thing I know is if lower income people are ever lifted out of poverty they will push away from the government table causing the Democrats to not be needed anymore. They will not release their captives easily.

All of the Democrats’ response to the president’s speech will be, “The president is trying to give too much power back to the states and the people and that’s just not right because we are the party who cares.”

Wow, BR ranks bottom in whole country for lazy people! Oh, no. If this gets out even more freeloaders will come. I’m moving.

So Chuck Shumer said until Trump governs differently, the Dems will oppose him. Translation: We Democrats will not stand by and give the American people more control over their lives.

I’ve always liked to go to Disney. However it has bothered me of their gay parades. Now I learn it’s not enough for them to do that, now they’re bringing cartoons depicting boys kissing and girls being intimate with each other. Makes me rethink if I’ll go any more.

Trump’s attorney general, the former Alabama senator, has a pathetic history of subversive friends, so who is really surprised that he is hanging out with Alt-Right bigots, Breitbart haters, and Russia’s number one spy in Session’s Senate office... then lying about it? Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was rejected for the federal bench for the same reason – he is a failure as the U.S. attorney general.

Donald J. Trump said Thursday, April 21, 2016, that transgender people should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable with — including at Trump Tower in New York.

Absolutely loved Donald Trump’s speech last night! But couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the Democrats just sat there like spoiled children who didn’t get their way.

Donald Trump spoke for 61 minutes to Congress, and told 51 lies!

The Obamas just inked a book deal for more than $65 million. Barack and Michelle nail huge book deals. Nice perks.

Welfare icon now wants people to take care of themselves: Denmark looks to cut their generous welfare programs and limit immigration. Humm.

Barbara Bush tells Planned Parenthood fundraiser she is “very proud to stand with” the organization. Looks like someone’s making a good living off the baby torture market.

This comment section in this fine paper doesn’t give enough room to list all of the wrongs that Obama did during his eight years. Trump would have to be president for twenty four years to even come close.

I don’t care much what Trump does, so long as he protects the homeland, lowers my taxes, lowers my healthcare cost, shrinks the size of government, picks judges that will overturn the war on babies in mothers’ wombs, and upholds and protects all of our Constitution. If he’ll do that, he has my support.

Fighters attempt to blend in with surging level of refugees leaving Mosul. Uh, oh. Say it ain’t so. If we don’t hurry, next it will be Mexico.

If Obama is innocent of wiretapping then he should sue Trump. If Trump has evidence, he needs to put up.

Even if Obama didn’t wiretap Trump, it’s the seriousness of the charge. At least that’s what the Dems say.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) recently helped an Indian snowshoe athlete get a visa to come to the United States to compete in an event. Now that athlete has been charged with a heinous sex crime against a child. I guess it’s like the Democrats say, “Sometime you got to break a few eggs to make a omelet.”

Hey didn’t Obama’s NSA wiretap James who works for Fox News? And now Trump finds Obama was wiretapping Trump. Isn’t that illegal? No wonder Obama’s trying to bring down Trump. Trump’s fixing to shine the light on all these cockroaches.

In a good Communist country, school kids who make good grades should have to share with those who didn’t. Then we can all be equal and feel good about ourselves. I say we start a march against kids with high grades.

So Obama’s senior adviser is moving into his house two miles from the White House. We know Obama is a radical and he will not stop trying to control our lives which is why we must ignore him and all of his goons’ lies and stay the course of erasing all of his Marxist policies.

The women’s protest march should be a daily law. The women who march probably won’t be missed much anyway.

Congratulations to students at Live Oak High who attended the honors banquet. You went the second mile, which is hard to do. You all seem like very good young adults to us all. I hope and pray you will stay as focused when you get out of school. With God’s help choose right over wrong and be blessed.

Something needs to be done with the pothole on South Range right before you get to Racetrac. I damaged two tires and two rims. I was not going fast. I was lucky there was not an accident. There is new blacktop. They covered the hole but did not fill it in. It is in the turning lane for I-12. I was lucky that I was not going fast.

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