First let me say I’m glad you and your passengers were not hurt in the accident. I hope you told your mama and the police the truth. That you were doing donuts on Brown Road at Ellis Delatte last night (Tuesday) around midnight when you went halfway up the electric pole and had us all in the dark for four hours. I hope every time you are at this intersection you remember what could have happened. It could have been a lot worse. I know you aren’t the only one who does this. The people who live around this intersection hear it all the time. Even the 4-wheelers are out doing it. I hope this serves as a reminder to all of your friends that the streets are not meant to play on.

John McCain said dictators shut down the media. That is true, but they also confiscate guns. I think it was Obama who was always pushing for gun control. Key word, control. Much like Obamacare.

Government schools, aka public schools, have done a disservice by not teaching kids the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Of course we need immigration but if we don’t regulate, “one of the left’s favorite word,” our nation simply will not be able to support all who wish to come. Not to mention all the terrorists who only have one goal.

I think Trump should pass an order to mandate that all high school and college kids take a field trip to Venezuela and see what socialism looks like. I think that would go a long way in showing why you should vote for smaller government. The people there are starving because their government has controlled and consumed all of their resources.

The only “fake” news that I can see are those reported by the White House and Donald Trump himself. No, he did not win a historical electoral college victory. There is absolutely no proof of 3 to 5 million illegal votes. There is no evidence or proof that Ted Cruz’s father had any association with the Kennedy assassination, or “We had a very smooth roll-out of the travel ban.” I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. If you want real facts read a newspaper like this one.

The reason we see so much venom against Trump is because he’s an outsider and wasn’t supposed to win. The establishment knows if Trump is successful, their livelihoods, which has mostly to do with power, will be over. I like it!

Anyone who thinks Trump is racist by deportations needs to go back to the 90’s and listen to Bill Clinton say the exact same thing. The difference? Bill was pandering and Trump means it. Thank you, President Trump for not being full of hot air.

Rumor has it that an elected official who is a bully has finally come up against someone who is not afraid of him. It is even more interesting since the person standing up to him would be the least likely to do this in the eyes of the public. Stay tuned. Word travels from offices to everywhere. It is about time.

Under Armour predicted to tank after CEO praises Trump. Crazy. I’ve never bought Under Armour before now. I hope their sales double.

Yes indeed! Donald Trump won by a landslide by edging out John Quincy Adams and Rutherford B. Hayes for last place with the smallest percent of popular votes in American history!

For eight years Obama did everything he could to bring more votes in for his party through immigration. Now Trump is doing everything he can to reverse that. Cool.

The United States taxpayers contribute $13 billion every year to train 115,000 physicians currently in residency programs, or about $113,000 per resident per year. Many doctors complete 4 to 8 year residencies, receiving between $450,000 to $1 million during training. If we can pay $13 billion to train 115,000 doctors every year, America can afford spending $1.9 billion to provide reproductive services for $20 million poor women every year.

As liberals I don’t we should avacate violence like water boarding. It was us who said that was wrong and we shouldn’t even be suggesting that something like that be done to even people who we wish were not in charge now. We’re better than that. Shame!

Ellen DeGeneres says Trump transgender order is ‘not okay’ as LGBT groups protest White House. Someone needs to reeducate people that if you’re born a woman and desire a spouse, that means you are to be with a man. If you’re born a male that means you are to be with a woman. See how easy? So simple a caveman could understand it. No charge – your welcome.

In response to the comment, “snowflakes feel bad about their white privilege” and the need for “a new movement that promotes black and brown privilege,” I would like to point out there is only one race, and that is the human race, and all human beings are equally created in the image and likeness of God - Genesis 1:26-27. We are also cautioned in James 2:9, “If you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.” The bottom line is that God sent Jesus to lay down His life for all us - John 3:16. There are “hellholes” alright: a great big one for bigots and haters.

The transgender issue can be easily solved. If you were born a boy, use men’s restroom. If you were born a girl, use the women’s restroom. If that don’t work raise some money for a third restroom.

Remember in 2008 when Obama said we Americans shouldn’t drive our big cars and keep our thermostats set on 70 degrees and expect the rest of the world to just say, “okay.” Who knows what he meant by that. I have to wonder what he’s driving these days and where he keeps his thermostat. Just saying.

It seems there’s a lot of people who want to keep their Obamacare. I understand a lot of them don’t make much money, “if they work at all.” Nevertheless it must be repealed. We simply cannot allow it to continue and force all of us into government run healthcare. If it does the end result, “like always,” will be very little heath care at a very high price. It was simply Obama and the rest of themselves’ goal. Like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and every other scam the left cooks up to milk us all dry.

When I saw the article that some council members wanted to propose a pay raise for themselves I thought it must be a joke or a “fake news” story. Then I remembered that this is Louisiana after all. Mr. Keen shouldn’t be comparing his salary to other Louisiana parishes since Louisiana is notorious for government mismanagement and wasteful spending. Does he even realize that there are public servants in parts of the country who volunteer to serve without pay? These are people who have the best interests of their community at heart. Since Mr. Keen feels that we, the taxpayers, are not paying him enough, he is more than welcome to resign.

Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz stated last week: “People at my town hall ‘intended to bully and intimidate’ me.” No Congressman, the folks at your town hall were upset because your colleagues want to kick 20 million citizens off the Affordable Care Act, sack EPA, un-fund Planned Parenthood, sell public lands to their friends, and get rid of PBS Kids! Your constituents know that you talk tough, after you get off the stage! Now, how about investigating the Russians and President Trump?

I almost fell over when I read the comment: “Major health insurance company CEO says Obamacare is in a “death spiral.” So it seems everything’s going according to plan. Yes, these CEO’s have a plan all right! Here’s the plan. Get rid of the ACA because executives like the United Healthcare Insurance CEO made $123 million before the law was passed, $102 million in 2010, the year the ACA passed, and $66 million in 2015. It looks like the CEO’s are the folks in “a tailspin!” The ACA stopped them from ripping-off folks that are sick and dying. The American Medical Association reported that half of all bankruptcies in America are due to health care cost, and half of these folks have health insurance! Get rid of medical insurance companies, send them to bankruptcy court, and institute Medicare for everyone.

Even dolls are choosing to be transgender now. Who knew!

To whom it may concern: This letter follows several others. This letter is being sent in hopes that SOMEONE will help aid the seniors of Livingston Parish. The letter bears no malice toward anybody. We are hopeful that the “powers that be” are in fact taking heed to our efforts. As mentioned in previous letters, they will not stop coming until we see a positive impact. The employees of the COA need a safe haven, a neutral place to air thoughts and concerns. The seniors need someone they trust to express concerns. For many years, the Council on Aging was a place of friendship and love. It’s filled with hatred. The hatred is seen across the board. The place is not being handled well. It’s what one does behind closed doors that defines integrity. What goes on is impactive to the entire operation of the Council on Aging.

I totally agree. In the past I had worked closely with North Park with baseball, Babe Ruth etc., so June of this year I reserved the Tony Dugas Building for a family reunion. I went the afternoon before to make sure everything was verified. I ASSUMED it would be cleaned .When we got there we discovered that morning in June, the day of reunion, the 3 rooms and kitchen we rented were filthy. Kids’ crayons broke all in carpet, Paper all over floors in the bathroom ( boys smelled of urine and the tile part was floors full of muddy feet prints.) I felt for 350 dollars they could have at least cleaned the bathroom and floors of those rooms. I am ashamed of how this building has been neglected.A daycare building should be built away from where many many people use the facility. I know the child care is beneficial to many. I am not saying not to have one there but to have its own facility. Since the last administrator of this program left, this building has deteriorated drastically. Since I had family from all over the United States here, .I was extremely embarrassed to know this represented our park.

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