As our country is falling apart and we get along less, it seems that there is one truth – there is no racism at the foot of the cross of Christ. I believe Dr. M.L .King Jr. would have agreed with this. He said, “Unless we learn to live and love as brothers and sisters, we will fall as fools.” Jesus said to love God and your neighbor as yourself. This commandment solves all problems. Are you willing to give it a chance?

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” - Alexander the Great.

As a white person, I’m having difficulty understanding what black leaders mean by it’s time for everyone to come together. Does it mean we all must like the same things, eat the same foods, live in the same house, vote the same way, go to the same schools and worship at the same church? I think one of the great things that made America great was liberty with the freedom to choose. Perhaps for the leaders in the black communities it’s more about convincing people they don’t have these freedoms all the while keeping power for themselves.

This is the third time since Obama’s been president I’ve been proud of my country – 2010, 2012, 2016.

A rhetorical question is one asked in order to make a point - rather than to get an answer. The rhetorical question was asked: “Did any news people ask Obama why he doubled our nation’s debt?” The truthful answer is the majority of our national debt that accrued under President Obama is actually the result of conservative economic devastation: The Great Bush Recession, tax cuts for the rich, placement of Medicare Part D on a credit card, and 2 unfunded wars. Republicans took President Clinton’s projected $6.7 trillion surplus over ten years when George W. Bush came into office and sent America to bankruptcy court.

The religious right is something else. Utah Sen. Orin Hatch asked Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions if he would “vigorously” prosecute adult obscenity laws targeting pornography? That was an interesting question, considering Sen. Hatch turns his head to old men in Utah having any number of prepubescent “sister-wives.” Utah also has the largest number of Internet pornographic broadband users in America. Naturally, “porn-again” Christian states like Alaska, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, and Louisiana rank in the top Internet pornographic viewers in America. If Attorney General Sessions is serious about internet pornography will he prosecute First Lady Melania Trump for the nude pictures posted of her on the Internet? Well, the religious right ain’t that religious!

My goodness gracious, don’t we have a live -wire in the White House. The Mayo Clinic defines a “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.” Buckle up, it ain’t gonna to be pretty!

Excited not to pay taxes... if Trump doesn’t pay taxes, I won’t. Many ways to legally avoid taxes. Take advantage of them just like our POTUS. End Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Amazing how many Federal dollars are supporting Livingston Parish’s conservative base. Too bad these legal tax holes don’t apply to the middle class...

I think Trump should address the protesters, tell them I know you need jobs, just hang in there, help is on the way!

We seem to have senior who are trying to cause trouble for the Council on Aging. The remarks in the paper have been hurtful and totally untrue. We (I am a senior) have a great director, she constantly is trying to get things we need. I do not understand how they could have made a comment about the coats, there were all colors and all sizes and we went in there, picked our color and tried them on. They gave them out at the Christmas party so more seniors would get one. We always have a bigger crowd at parties and special dinners than any other time. I have never seen fear and wonder in anyone’s eyes there. Before the flood they had the dining area looking real nice, after the flood they still have a good set up and they are trying to replace the things that were lost as they can. We had things no other council has, like a ice cream machine, a bingo machine with the board, a popcorn maker, a deep fryer etc. There is nowhere a senior can go, be able to play pool, play bingo, have time to talk to other seniors and eat for a donation of $1 which is only a donation and does not have to be paid. About the kitchen director, she works very hard, she tries to have something for us to eat when we first get there, make sure our food is good, hot and to our liking. She makes sure we have shelf stable food to take home for the days they are not open. She orders the food according to how many sign up... And a lot of people show up and don’t sign up, so she has to stretch the food so everyone can eat... Last week she had 60 sign up and 90 showed up... It as hamburger day so thankfully she had ordered extra. Maybe the senior that wrote all this nonsense should stay home, everyone else is happy with the center.

Once again someone who had a grudge against the Council on Aging used Call and Comment to try to spread lies. We have a wonderful director who helps all of us. Her door is open to anyone unless she is having someone in for a personal reason, such as helping them with their meds, electric bills, home upkeep needs etc. Last winter she held a coat drive to make sure all the seniors had coats. This year she and the board (which works hard for the COA) managed to get new coats for all the seniors. She has never turned anyone away who wanted to talk to her, they may have to wait but they do get to see her. She handles the daily management of the Council and is constantly trying to get things for the seniors. I do not work for the COA but I do know that no one is let go without cause. It is our director’s responsibility to keep all the senior safe and sometimes she has to make hard decisions. This sounded like vengeful, hateful, hurtful nonsense aimed to put the Council in a bad light. Maybe the seniors that are satisfied with the Council should start putting something in the Call and Comment every week. If you had seen how hard she and all the staff worked after the flood to get the seniors back in there you would know none of the nasty things said about the COA was true. There are seniors in there that only eat when they are there, if not for our director and board they would not have anything to eat.

Republicans in the House of Representatives will begin dismantling Medicare this week. Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan will provide the elderly with a voucher that requires them to acquire their own health insurance, and contribute a much larger share of their fixed income toward health care. Republican Medicare legislation calls for repealing the section of the Affordable Care Act that allows the federal government to negotiate prescription drug prices for Medicare patients. If you are on Medicare, good luck, you are on your own!

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