Man, there’s a lot of stories lately of bad guys getting shot by good guys in self-defense. Even anti-gun groups say that about 2 million people each year defend themselves with guns. That’s a lot of people.

Since the ACA was enacted for the 14 percent of Americans who did not have health insurance through their jobs, or could not afford insurance, the Dow increased by 253 percent. At the same time Humana healthcare stock price increased by 1,114 percent and Cigna has done even better! Other health insurance companies like Aetna and United Health Group are not far behind with 700 percent increases in their stock values! That’s more than four times better than the Dow, and you are whining about how these folks are going broke! If you are 40 years old, earn $30 grand a year, live in Louisiana, you’ll be paying $205 a month for a second level Silver Obamacare policy —which is one dollar less than you paid last year!

Chicago foursome in custody after live-streaming kidnapping and torturing Trump supporter. Must be some of those free-thinking, open-minded, liberal thought thugs who love debate and freedom. Or it could be some losers afraid Trump’s gonna make their lazy butts get a job. Yeah baby!

Take a look at a wide range of economic measures including GDP, inflation, unemployment, household income growth, corporate taxes/profit, stock market performance, consecutive months of job growth, and just about any other metric and you’ll find that Republican economics has consistently produced negative economic results for everyone but the top one percent. Personal disposable income has grown nearly 6 times more under Democratic presidents. GDP grew 7 times more, and annual corporate profits are 16 percent greater per under Democrats. The annual return on the stock market is 18 times greater. The Wall Street Journal noted on Dec 2, 2013 “The U.S. economy has performed better since World War II when the president is a Democrat rather than a Republican.” Lord help us all...but help the poor folks first!

Both MSNBC and CSPAN were hacked last week during programs that featured political commentary about Russia. One program was interrupted by Russian Television and lasted 10 minutes. If Russians can hack major United States television programming, they can hack into electronic voting machines and change the outcome of our election process.

Hey! Just thought I would pass along the good news or bad. But Louisiana has finally broke the top 10 in the national ranking in something. Louisiana now ranks 10th in total taxes paid by state residents. Number 1 being the highest taxes paid by state residents, which is held by New York. According to CNN/Money ranking for 2016.....Now an article in the LP News states John “ring the tax Bell” Edwards is ready to raise them again. Where is the money going to come from – residents are already loaded down now with tax burdens. We are going to overtake New York for the number 1 spot, highest taxed state in the nation. Number 1 in taxes on the backs of Louisiana residents and last in everything else. We gonna be so proud, let`s give all our money away to politicians to waste. If we as a state people do not demand politicians stop wasting tax money and vote in term limits on EVERY elected political office. We will continue to have OUR TAX MONEY wasted. Enough! No new taxes. Stop the waste get the career politicians out of office. Come on folks we are being taxed to death and beyond.

I’m more concerned that the Wikileaks email dumps were true. That seems to be the news Trump’s opposers are not talking about.

There are only six states with fewer gun laws than Wyoming. It is also the least populated state, and has less than 1 percent black population. Wyoming not only has the largest number of firearms per capita, it also has the largest number of citizens killed by gunshot according to the CDC.

As our country if falling apart and we get along less it seems there is one truth -- there is no racism at the foot of the cross of Christ. I believe Dr. M.L. King Jr. would have agree with this. He said, “Unless we learn to live and love as brothers and sisters, we will fall as fools.” Jesus said to love God and your neighbor as yourself. This commandments solves all problems. Are you will to give it a chance?

Did any of the news people ask Obama why he doubled our nation’s debt? I mean, he’s the one who said that’s unpatriotic.

America changed presidents this week. Out-going President Barack Obama created times more jobs than his predecessor, our corporate tax rates, as a percent of GDP, ranks 170 when compared to 219 nations according to the CIA Worldbook, and the Pew Research Center surveys have found significantly higher international ratings for Obama than George W. Bush. The shift was especially dramatic in Western Europe, where assessments of Bush were grim, while subsequent views of Obama have been remarkably positive. As Barack Obama leaves office, he is leaving it far better than he found it.

If you think that small increase in Obamacare insurance rates in unaffordable, try getting sick or getting cancer without insurance. If the Republicans succeed in repealing Obamacare, we will be going back to more people declaring medical bankruptcy. The Republicans will not replace Obamacare with anything else, because they don’t have anything better.

Many Southerners called the Civil War “a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” The Confederacy instituted a military draft in 1862, but included many exemptions that allowed the wealthy to avoid service. Former United States Secretary of State General Colin Powell observed: “I am angry that so many sons of the powerful and well placed and many professional athletes (who were probably healthier than any of us) managed to wrangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units. Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as the most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal allegiance to our country.” When Trump sends in the military, his kids won’t be doing the heavy lifting.

To whom it may concern: This letter is being written for the purpose of expressing concern for the Livingston Parish Council on Aging. It would be in the best interest for the COA that time be given to investigate the management of the Livingston Parish Council on Aging ALL areas of management need to be carefully examined. The Council on Aging is a wonderful safe haven for many of the local elderly in our community. The noticeable changes in the last few years in the care and management of the COA – they’re alarming concerns. The amount of helpful resources the COA provide our local seniors are welcoming assets to our community. The staff and seniors’ relationships can be ver vital and refreshing. Lately some really awesome people have been missed from the srtaff to the seniors. No longer is the relationship refreshing. Fear and wonder seem to be in the eyes of both the staff and seniors. .Who is the face of the Livingston Parish COA? What is this person like? These are unknown questions that should be looked into. The lack of communication and confusion that has been observed is unsettling. Pleasse take the time to visit, talk with the seniors and the staff, find out how the place is being run. Who is the person in charge? How is the management of the Livingston Parish COA being run? These are questions that NEED to be answered. Thank you for your time in this matter. A concerned citizen.

Yes, I agree it is time the Livingston Council on Aging director needs to atone to her actions. She is rude to the seniors and employees. At the recent Christmas party she did not even step out her office to greet anyone. But the seniors need someone to check into two things: 1. Shortly after the flood brand new mattresses were delivered to the Council on Aging by a large 18-wheeler from Texas to be given to seniors. No seniors were asked if they needed the mattresses. The truck load of mattresses disappeared over nightfrom the parking lot. No one knows what happened to them, but seniors did not receive any mattresses. 2. The director posted her picture receiving a donation of $17,000 for coats for seniors. We all thought we were getting a nice coat, instead cheap thin coats were ordered off They cost $9 to $10. The coats were a joke, too thin, too little, odd colors. When seniors tried to exchange for right sizes at Walmart, the store said no, they were second coats and not sold at store only on line. Why we could not have gotten good coats? Are we not good enough? Donations are not being given to seniors at Livingston Council on Aging. Where is the money going? Where did the mattresses go?

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