Donald Trump received the third lowest percent of popular votes in American history, ranking him at 55th out of 58 elections, not exactly a presidential mandate. Trump knows it was the Russians and Wikileaks that got him into the White House.

How y’all like them Obamacare rates? He told you he was gonna bring you some of that change. Umm, umm, umm, Barack Hussein Obama.

California Murder Convict Becomes First U.S. Inmate To Have State-Funded Sex Reassignment Surgery: Daughter of victim forced to pay with her tax dollars. There’s some of that Democrat social justice for you.

Finally Hollywood liberals want the press to hold politicians accountable. That is unless you’re Obama or all the other Democrats.

My favorite Obama moment will be on January 20th when he is no longer president.

Though Trump wasn’t my first pick, I think he may be the only one who will be able to tell and expose all the damage Obama and the Democrats have done to our country and the world. The reason I think that is Trump doesn’t care about PC. Refreshing.

The Livingston Council on Aging needs to be investigated on so many levels. Starting with the director and even the board members, due to the way the employees are being treated, before the flood and especially after the flood. The director doesn’t interact with the seniors like she should. She used to slam the door when she saw them coming. Now she doesn’t even come out of the office to visit with them. The board members need to talk to the employees and ask what is going on. They only see what the director wants them to see or know. She is very manipulative to everyone. The board needs to know the truth. After the August 2016 flood, she had the employees working in an unsafe environment. Everything that has happened in a bad way has been blamed on the board. She only takes credit for anything good that happens and she doesn’t do it by herself, she has employees that help. She is mean to her employees. So many people see how he is but won’t say anything about it. She will like to cover it up. The Livingston Parish community needs to know what kind of person is running the Livingston Council on Aging. The Livingston Council on Aging needs a good look at from top to bottom. There also have been claims of sexual harassment that have been swept under the rug by the director.

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