President Trump said he will cut regulations for corporations. I suppose this means corporations will cut prices?

Can you believe Trump is trying to cut funding for a woman to kill her baby! What’s wrong with this guy?

If Donald Trump has the goods on voter fraud, he’s keeping secrets that threaten the security of the United States. After the last election the Republicans control the White House, both houses of the U.S. Congress, 62 percent of the governorships, and 66 percent of state legislatures. Perhaps it’s the Republicans who are cheating at the ballot box?

The debt racked up under Obama was under his greatness watch. It’s part of the many bad things he’ll be remembered for.

Trump not paying taxes is yet another story that bends the truth. No, Trump has not paid taxes at the end of the year for a good many years. However, I have not heard once that he owed back taxes. He has not paid taxes because he did not owe any. How many of you file taxes at the end of the year and find that you over paid during the year so you will be getting a refund? Also, when you have a big loss, you can not claim that entire loss in one year. It is spread out over many years. Trump had a huge loss many years ago. As a result of the way-out tax laws work, he has not owed any taxes. When they tell you how much your refund is, do you tell them no thank you, you can keep the money because the government knows how to use my money better than I do?

If you believe religious people also do something wrong, then you should think hard as to why you think this, because if we determine something to be wrong or evil then we must be saying there must be something right or righteous. It’s up to you to determine what or who that is.

This is in response to the white person who is having difficulty understanding why black folks would want everyone to come together? I guarantee you will have no difficulty understanding 25 years from now when your children and grandchildren become the minority population in America.

The reason it’s not good to welcome Muslims by the boat loads into our country is because they grow up under Sharia law which believes a woman is worth half as much as a man. These two world views cannot coexist.

Planned parenthood says they are now in a fight for their life. I think if babies in a mother’s womb could speak they would say, “I know what you mean.”

I sure am glad Obama made health care better and more affordable. Now I have lost my doctor, have inferior care, and I only pay 18 thousand dollars a year with a 12 thousand dollar deductible. Thanks, Obama. I hope Trump don’t mess it up.

Walker High School held its football banquet last night. The banquet lasted a little over 3 hours. The senior football players were all excited to receive their awards as they go off into the real world to fight the good fight. The banquet itself was great. My issue is with every Walker High coach who overlooked my son for an award. This is not about district, metro, or even parish. This is about the in-house awards. When a player is in the newspaper every week, when a player gets his name announced five to six times a game because of outstanding plays, when you call up a parent and ask them to sign a waiver so that player can play injured, telling the parent you need that player that much, then to have that same player overlooked is heartbreaking for the player leaving me the parent to try and explain why one of the best players on the Walker High football team was not recognized. Parents of Walker High players, beware they will use your child and if your family is not prominent in the Walker area your child will be overlooked. Walker High coaches, check your stats again! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Hopefully whomever St. Pierre is going to hire will get all of you straight. By the way Livingston Parish residents if you want to check out my player’s accomplishments just gather up all your newspapers from the previous season you will see his name several times in every Walker High sports article.!

Trump should change his slogan, make America great again to “Get ‘er done.”

It’s quickly becoming obvious why the Communist party didn’t want Trump to be president.

Jesus said that at the end of the world things would look like they did in the days of Noah. It was a very wicked generation. What was once right became wrong, and the thoughts of men were evil continually. Men and women left their natural affection for one another and commented abominations with the same sex. I pray people will wake up before it’s too late.

Last Sunday afternoon, Jan. 3, 2017, on Percy Young Road someone hit my son’s little Chihuahua. Our 2 little dogs usually stay in our yard when we let them to go outside to do their business. This time somehow they got lured to the end of our driveway. If only that person had stopped and informed us, those few minutes might have saved her life. She died on the way to Sherwood Emergency Animal Hospital. My family is heartbroken.

The sign said, “Only God has the right to judge.” Absolutely right! In fact, non-judgementalism is the hallmark of maturity. Judging others demonstrates both a shallow mind and spirt. Lord Alfred Tennyson said, “Blind and naked ignorance (infantilism) delivers brawling judgment, unashamed, on all things all day long. Jesus Christ said, “Judge not so you will not be judged,” for the manner you judge will return to you. Judging others is just another sinful bad habit. Pride, the source of judging. Be careful. Choose wisely.

The Livingston Council on Aging has a lot of dirty little secrets. Those secrets are as follows. That nepotism is okay, as long as no one knows who your best friends are. Stealing donations made to the senior center is okaky as long as no one will dare tell on ou or be able to prove it. Taking gifts of value from vendors for personal use is okay when the only one that see you do it scared of you. Sweeping sexual harassment under the rug because that person is a good friend is okay; in fact the director has been quoted as saying the only problem with sexual harassment at Livingston Council on Aging is that there is not enough of it. Being accused of sexual harassment will get a promotion with a title created just for you and it is okay. No one cares. The Livingston Council on Aging Board of Directors has shown the director and assistant director and employees that these things are okay in the workplace by not caring or investigating these allegations. Employees who need their jobs have been basically begging for justice and a chance to be asked what they know without repercussions and have not received it. I for one would like to know why they are aboe the law of the rest of the land. The Council on Aging Senior Centers are not the same as the Council on Aging Offices. Centers are run by caring ladies who love what they do and take care of the senior in any way they can.

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