Planned Parenthood employee: Company offered incentives, ‘pizza parties’ for meeting quotas. And these are the people who say Christianity is just as violent as Islam.

I hope the person that took the 55-inch Vizio TV from 136 Janmar enjoys it as much as I did.

I think it’s fine time for CNN or MSNBC to do a story on how it’s the Democratic Party who were pro-slavery, pro-segregation, created Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. If they would do this we may not think they’re so fake.

A lawsuit by Melania Trump suggests that she could have become a multimillionaire in her own right as First Lady if it were not for an article alleging “the future First Lady of the United States worked as a prostitute.” The first lady claims she had a “unique, once in a lifetime opportunity” to launch a commercial brand that could have earned her “multi-million dollar” business relationships. The First Lady using her public position to make millions of dollars in personal financial gain is the very definition of prostitution.

Councilman Chris Davis has resigned effective May 31 but has now bought a house and started a new job in Mississippi. He’s been gone for weeks except maybe some weekends according to his family members’ Facebook posts and has not been attending council meetings. Not only did this man cost two good men their jobs but he is now living and working in another state while continuing to accept a salary from the city until June? It would be one thing if he was attending meetings or doing ANYTHING to help this city in the flood recovery but he’s not. He cut and ran as soon as he could unlike all the other council members. This man has no shame. The citizens who elected him deserve better and why hasn’t the council done anything about this? I bet many in the city could use that five months salary he’s getting for FREE!

The only jobs Obama helped to create were part-time minimum wage jobs. Big money has been on the sidelines waiting for him to leave. Don’t you remember a few years back he practically begged investors to invest? Trump’s fixing to show you how it’s done.

Mexico has highway concrete barriers too BUT their concrete barriers have two upright rectangular slits per block to allow water flow. Check it out at Google Street View: Guadalajari-Ocotlan Highway 35. Let our representatives know this info please.

I think Trump should make a immigration policy that says for now on if you come into our country legally or illegally you don’t have to pay income tax for the first 10 years. However you don’t get any welfare or any government programs for 10 years either. That should be enough to shift some votes to the Republicans.

Mr. John Dupont stated in his column that the confirmation of Betsy DeVos was an insult to public schools. I assume that it is because he thinks that the public schools are doing such a great job. There are some good educators. The USA ranks 14th in education in the world.

Senator Kennedy should refrain from providing advice on how the state handles Medicaid costs. He was incompetent in his position as treasurer, simply a puppet of the former governor, leaving the budget in shambles.

If Trump’s approval numbers are really tanking it’s because he is doing what is needed. Most people don’t want to go through any pain to get better. It’s kinda like losing weight. Most of us need to, but boy it’s tough.

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