Actually Michelle Obama had a point, only she didn’t define who “we” are. The “we” that felt like hope was lost was when her community organizer became president. Now you might say she and the radical left know how we felt. But I think your new President is simply going to expect all of the deadbeats to get off their behinds and then work them off. And there is the problem. Lots of people want your stuff and they want it now. Oh well. How bout we do what the Bible says: If you don’t work you don’t eat.

The Donald told us he won the presidential election by a landslide. No, Donald, your ranking is 46 out of 58 presidential elections, far from a landslide. Trump had 3 million fewer votes than Hillary, 1.7 million fewer votes than Romney received, and 700,000 fewer votes than McCain, not exactly landslide numbers!

For the disrespectful punks living off of North Corbin Road who comes out and shoots guns from 4 to 5 p.m. during hunting season, I’ve filled 5 tags thus far. Keep wasting money and ammo! Come out next weekend and waste more money, I have another tag to fill. Thanks.

Suing Delta Airlines of anti-Muslim sentiment found to be purposely creating hoax. Well imagine that. He should go join the fake “hands up, don’t shoot” crowd.

Public Policy Polling reports 59% of Republicans think President Obama was not born in the United States, and only 23% of Republicans think that he was! If that’s not bad enough, 24% think Antonio Scalia was murdered! Even 52% believe Trump won the popular vote, even though 54 percent of Americans voted for someone else. Hillary Clinton was only the fifth presidential candidate in the history of the United States to lose the Electoral College vote while winning the popular vote. Lord help us all.

The head of the Chicago Police Department is now admitting that more gun laws don’t necessarily result in less gun violence because criminals don’t “play by society’s rules.” Ya don’t say.

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