No surprise. Obama, you know that guy who’s currently the president, said Trump is flying blind. Translation, Trump is fixing to take a sledgehammer to all of my bad policies.

White Males Dominate Trump’s Top Cabinet Posts: CNN thinks Trump’s cabinet is too white, even with women and minorities in there. I guess their white guilt privilege can’t handle having a white president for the next 8 years.

Poll: Majority of Americans believe popular vote, not electoral college, should decide elections. However what people who believe that need to understand is if we only used the popular vote California would always determine who our president and that would forever be a liberal. In that state alone Democrats hold a 4 million vote majority. Our founders were wise to design the electoral.

If Michele Obama thinks the last year 8 years is what hope feels like, I’ll take no hope any day.

Ohio State student protesters claim police went ‘too far’ by shooting, killing Islamic terrorist. Do we have some mixed up young people or what?

States in the former Confederacy have the poorest and most uneducated folks in America. Louisiana ranks first in that category, while consistently voting for Republicans. According to the Internal Revenue Service there is one other state with fewer households paying federal income taxes. As far as Republicans being fiscally responsible, just look at the last Republican President and Republican Governor in Louisiana. Bush inherited a $2.5 billion surplus and a projected $5.6 trillion surplus over 10 years. How did that work out? Bush but put us in a hole so deep we couldn’t see daylight. The same happened when Jindal came into office with a $1 billion surplus and left with a $1.9 billion deficit, a swing of nearly $3 billion gone, vanished, evaporated, departed, vamoosed and we are left holding the bag. Yep, keep voting Republican, and keep getting what you got.

So one of our state papers read “white people key in getting Kennedy elected.” I wonder if they said that about Obama? You know, if it were not for white people he would not be president.

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