Democrats attack. Accuse Republicans of trying to pull the rug out from under seniors. Actually that’s what the Democrats do with all of their bankrupt programs they claim was designed to help them. All they’ve really done is keep millions of people dependent on them, while they live like kings. I for one am not buying their snake oil. I want them to keep their hands off a lot more of my hard earned money and let me manage my own life. Livingston Waste already owes me back 2 times this month for not picking up garbage. I know I am not the only one because there are 3 other families on this road also not getting what we have paid for. How many others tired of being treated this way?

Mexican official: Carrier Will ‘Suffer’ By Keeping Jobs In US. Mexico pretends to have leverage over a U.S. business.

My parents gave me 200 shares of United Health Care stock they purchased in 2009 for $3,500. Today this stock is worth $34,000. During this same time period the CEO of United Health made over $200,000,000 in salary and benefits. Sure, United Health is pulling out of markets because they are losing their shirt. If you believe that, you’ll believe I have a whole lot of high-dry land to sell in right here in downtown Denham Springs.

“TOPS and Representatives Mack and Pope” …In John Dupont’s article “TOPS cuts raise tuition” in the Dec. 1, 2016, News, Republican Sherman Mack admitted voting for HB 69, which “front-loaded” TOPS for the fall semester, thereby funding TOPS for the spring semester at only 42%! However, Mack now wants to have it both ways by saying he voted to cut TOPS but did not want TOPS to be cut. Instead of working with John Bel Edwards to increase TOPS funding, he is now placing BOTH the blame for cutting TOPS and the responsibility for restoring it on Gov. Edwards. Since 85% of Livingston Parish voters supported Trump for president, Mack may get away with his unconscionable vote to cut TOPS. However, I doubt that the parents of TOPS students who lose TOPS funding will be inclined to forgive and forget. While Rep. Rogers Pope’s heart and vote were in the right place — he voted against HB 69 — one has to ask: Why is Pope still a registered Republican? Representatives Valarie Hodges and Clay Schexnayder, being Republicans, joined Mack in voting for HB 69, thus cutting funding to TOPS. Neither they nor Mack should be allowed to dodge the blame for hurting TOPS students and their families.

It’s a new record: Americans not participating in the labor force nears 100 million. But don’t worry, Obama says he’s handing Trump a great thriving economy.

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