Wage growth in America since 1979 has not kept pace with productivity, and corporate profits. America’s wages have been falling or remained flat for decades while productivity grew by 68 percent, and corporate profits climbed by 113 percent. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, will fix that - while building the wall around Mexico, improving our relationship with NATO, Syria, and China. Jared will fix the veterans health care, the opioid epidemic, reform the criminal justice system, and make government run like a business, and improve his own bank account in the process. You betcha.

It is unthinkable that chemicals were unleashed on kids in Syria, but I have to ask, are we any different? Think about it. Over 1 million babies are killed every year in our country by abortion. Thousands by using chemicals, the rest by sucking the baby’s limbs to pieces through a tub or just cutting the baby into pieces and throwing the baby into a trash can. Then there’s the insane abortion called partial birth abortion where the baby is delivered all but the head and a surgeon pierces a hole into the back of the baby’s scull then sucks the babies brains out, delivers the baby and harvests its body parts. Clearly the devil had to put these procedures into the mind of man. So, is American any better than dictators abroad? Not if we as a county will stand for what we allow people to do to babies here in our own land.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that “Bill O’Reilly and Fox paid $13 million to settle five harassment claims.” President Donald Trump responded by saying that Bill O’Reilly is a good guy and did nothing wrong. Yes, there is a lot of truth in the adage, “It takes one to know one”!

President Nixon formed the EPA because environmental contamination has an effect on human health. Childhood leukemia is linked to electrical wiring, paint, dyes, pesticides, vehicle exhaust, and nitrites in processed meats. Autism is associated with exposure to pesticides in flea shampoo, agricultural pesticides, solvents, and mercury. Toxic PCB is a carcinogen found in adhesives, flame-retardants, inks, plastics, and electrical transformers. BPA is a toxic chemical found in baby bottles, medical devices, compact discs, dental sealants, in the lining of canned goods and associated with breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, miscarriage, and compromised immune system. Air and water pollution has been connected with brain damage, heart failure, respiratory infection, asthma and allergies, lung diseases, and genetic abnormalities. Yes, Republicans believe that eliminating EPA regulations will improve corporate profits at the expense of our health and the health of our children and grandchildren.

I saw the first lady on TV when Donald Trump, the draft dodging President, was addressing the Wounded Warrior’s organization at the White House. Melania was dressed like the hookers that hung outside our Army base on payday. So embarrassing. Sad!

Today the United States has more wealth concentrated in the hands of the fewest people than any industrialized country in the world. Trickle-down economics makes a mockery of the American dream that tells our children they can make it, if they work hard and play by the rules.

The caller claims that voting for liberal moonbat Democrats will result in children books that portray Santa Claus as a gay black man in an interracial marriage, while destroying our public school system. I recall the 24 conservative ministers from various denominations around the USA getting arrested for abusing children in just one day back in June last year. Former Sen. David Vitter, the purveyor of prostitutes, received 84 percent of the vote around here. His conservative replacement pushed abstinence sex ed. for our schoolchildren, while his came home pregnant. Conservative Christian Southern states have the most out of wedlock births, most murders, least educated, and the lowest per capita income. Sadly, this conservative state ranks at the bottom in all categories.

According to the CDC, there were 1,721 pregnant women in the United States infected with the Zika virus last month. If these pregnancies go to term, these children will be born with partially collapsed skulls with a specific pattern of brain damage, damage to the back of the eye, joints with limited range of motion, such as clubfoot, and too much muscle tone restricting body movement soon after birth. If conservatives have their way, these pregnant women will not have a choice.

This will be the second time I have tried to place a comment about the District 5 recreation tax renewal. The election was held on Saturday, March 18th. This tax was the only thing on our ballot. It is the same old story, have the tax election on a Saturday in early spring when people are busy doing other things. Keep it quite and get the people out to vote who are for the tax. Well we have the Internet and social media now, and can get the word out very fast that a tax is up for vote. This “sneak tax” type of politics is what hurts Louisiana. Stop trying to sneak taxes past the people. Tax elections should only, be held in the fall, when there is a full ballot, or with several things on the ballot. We can`t afford all these taxes. Louisiana is one of the poorest states in the Nation her people are poor. Yet we are in the top twenty in taxes paid by a state.

The Council on Aging in Denham Springs is running great and they are really getting back to normal since the flood. Employees are now happy and we, the seniors are happy. All of the centers have their vans back. That is so wonderful. The Director is doing a great job!! Thank you so much from ALL of us. Some seniors - this is ALL they have. My concern is with certain board members. I know the chairman and the vice chairman (The 2 Jim’s) are always here and talking to the seniors and employees but the rest of the board seems to care less. Then I found out that 2 people on the board are best friends and are the biggest gossip artist of Livingston Parish. One had a travel company and couldn’t even run that right. She knows nothing about running a business or how to put a budget together and neither does her sidekick. That really concerns me. What are the qualifications for a board member? I guess anyone could be one. Thank goodness the rest of the board has some education in this area.

I agree that homeowners in the “Bayou” state should purchase flood insurance. Although my home had never flooded I paid for flood insurance every year. I filed a claim immediately after the August flood and provided the required documentation with photos. I received my check five months after the flood and it was woefully less than the cost of my repairs. Meanwhile, my neighbors received a $30,000 grant within the first month and a fully furnished FEMA trailer. When you look at the criteria for getting any assistance from the billions that elected officials are seeking from the federal government, the first requirement is that you cannot have flood insurance. What’s wrong with this picture?! What about the under-insured?

Santa Claus ( Sinterklaas in Dutch) lore is based on Saint Nicholas, a black monk born to wealthy ethnic black Anatolians in southern Turkey during the ancient Roman Empire. The historical Saint Nicholas is commemorated among Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christians. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and other denominations which also named churches to honor St. Nicholas for his giving of gifts to the needy, and for his commitment to children. Yes, God made Santa Claus black.

Obama did his best at keeping our nation stagnate and doubling our national dept. Thank God we have a president who is unlocking our shackles and removing our chains. Free at last.

Cool. Did you hear that? Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will reportedly inform federal agencies this week to prepare for major cuts to funding and staff. Very cool.

A Mexican man who claims to be a historian recently wrote in the New York Times that his country maintains a claim to the land taken during the 19th century Mexican-American War and now it’s time for President Donald Trump to pay up. Finally someone saying what many Mexicans are taught or think. Kinda like what black liberation theology teaches black people. Hence the reason for the great divide. As long as such teachings exist things will remain as it is.

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